Censorship of Social Media

  DrATty 18:53 26 Aug 2011

It looks as though the government would like to censor social media sites, or even shut them down, during times of civil unrest. It seems only yesterday that the same people were saying how dreadful similar acts were in Egypt and Libya. I wonder whether the UK is really a free country today, and whether anyone will fight for the freedoms we still have. A few misbehave, many suffer.

  daz60 19:31 26 Aug 2011

They have seen the future of the revolution and as usual what is good for others is not good for us.The social networks being at the forefront of change in Tunisia and Egypt has initiated a somewhat hypocritical response from our own Government.

The reports of the Blackberry phone being used is similar to Chinese concerns as to accessing text messages.

Plenty of people will defend what we have but can the rest be bothered.

  oresome 19:34 26 Aug 2011

I'd accept your point if any such law was passed,, but at the moment it's just hot air and likely to be dropped when things cool down.

Effective policing from the start and good intelligence would have nipped the riots in the bud without any further laws being passed.

  VCR97 19:37 26 Aug 2011
  daz60 20:14 26 Aug 2011

"proceed with a good deal of care",

He is not discounting some form of legislation but ,being a politician, he is not committing himself ,especially in public,to making an outright statement of intent.

I doubt whether "intelligence" would have been effective given the spontaneous nature of the riots.In the latter stages some form of intel would have led to a decision but initial analysis may have led to a different conclusion.

  DrATty 20:22 26 Aug 2011

I am uncomfortable with any interference. Maybe networks will not be cut off but being spied upon is bad enough. Saudi Arabia threatened to cut off RIM devices because they.couldn't see what was bring said. I wonder what deal was made there to change the minds of those in power. Perhaps I'd see it differently if my house had been burned down, but I think oresome hit the nail on the head. There are plenty of laws and powers now. If they aren't used, new ones won't help.

  morddwyd 20:28 26 Aug 2011

What about e-mails, instant messaging, chat rooms, forums such as this, mobile phones themselves?

Are they going to shut them all down?

Typical soundbite knee jerk reaction for a bit of publisity.

  daz60 20:50 26 Aug 2011

"There are plenty of laws"

yes that is the case but i think that is not the point.

The creation of new laws gives the public the idea that action is being taken,we have laws on the statute books that go back centuries,non if any have been repealed,so they are still valid today and that does not include by-laws.

With the new technologies presently available new interpretations or new laws will be be introduced that accommodate those new "realities".

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