chass 16:09 14 Apr 2008

advice required on how to remove residue of a sticky stripe left on my caravan awning plastic windows after removing the cellotape?

  alB 16:13 14 Apr 2008

White spirit might do the trick but I wouldn't rub too hard just in case you scratch the plastic ...alB

  Coffee Adict 16:16 14 Apr 2008

Get a product called Sticky Stuff Remover, its a natural product and works very well, I think Lakeland Plastics sell it, but a good hardware store should as well.

  mark2 16:17 14 Apr 2008

I've found WD40 to be very good at removing the glue residue from the body work of vehicles, not sure of the effect it will have on plastic windows though, perhaps try on a small area 1st.

  donki 16:46 14 Apr 2008

The tar remover you get for cars, it will take anything off and isn't abbrasive.

This forum really does get used for anything!! :S

  Bingalau 16:51 14 Apr 2008

Yes we had a thread not long ago about the merits of WD40. It seems you can do anything with it except drink it.

  donki 16:54 14 Apr 2008

Im sure some hoody, somewhere has tried that too!

  peg 17:06 14 Apr 2008

methylated spirit should do it then wash with soapy water

  Diemmess 17:13 14 Apr 2008

As several have hinted there is a risk to the awning windows. Some solvents will tend to make them brittle.
WD 40 will do the job with patience and in my experience leave most plastics unharmed.

  interzone55 17:23 14 Apr 2008

I usually use a bit a talc to take the stickiness away, then wash it off with soap & water.

  Grey Goo 17:27 14 Apr 2008

You get a very pure petroleum spirit in tins of lighter fluid. Will not leave greasy residues.

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