CD Album rrp = 0 + y ?

  realist 21:51 04 Oct 2007
  al7478 01:02 05 Oct 2007

of course, most of the bands who are doing things like giving albums away have another trick up their sleeves (radiohead) and/or can more than afford to give it away.

on the other hand, there are up and coming bands, and, in some cases, knowns artists who just dont sell that much, cutting out record companies by going straight to, say, itunes. greedy label;s are the problem by and large, not artists.

  realist 22:05 12 Oct 2007

So, has anyone downloaded the Radiohead album, if so are you going to reveal what you paid?

  Stuartli 00:15 13 Oct 2007

>>greedy label;s are the problem by and large, not artists.

So the many, many thousands of pounds that record companies invest in old and new bands and artistes is done for fun then?

  al7478 14:22 13 Oct 2007

Nope. Fun would not be that bad. it is done entirely for profit. What should happen of course, is that bands should go straight to itunes without a label, or sell downloads on their own website.

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