The CD is 25 years old today!

  Thalmus 12:32 17 Aug 2007

The very first CD rolled off a production Line in Hanover, Germany this day 25 years ago. For those who want to know the CD was ABBA's - The Vistors

Happy Birthday!

For a full story click here

  jtt 12:37 17 Aug 2007

That's nothing special. I'm much older than the CD.

  Si_L 12:38 17 Aug 2007

10 years down the line and they will be obsolete anyway.

  oresome 12:51 17 Aug 2007

Even if they are obsolete in 10 years, which I doubt, a 35 year life span is pretty good going for any item of technology by todays standards.

  Thalmus 12:56 17 Aug 2007

Such a poor response to something that started the digital media revolution and made possible the DVD's and HD-DVD of today

  Stuartli 13:39 17 Aug 2007

Actually it was the Philips Laservision system that played that role.

The 12in disk provided video and audio of a very high standard at the time.

Eventually Philips realised that the audio side could replace its Compact Cassette technology and it linked up with Sony to create the 4in Compact Disk.

Part of the reason for the success, apart from Sony's input, was the work done by Taiyo Yuden to produce the required standard of media.

  jtt 13:42 17 Aug 2007

If I remember correctly, Philips had the main input on the optics and disk, and Sony had the main input on the Error correction.

  Stuartli 14:35 17 Aug 2007

Some info:

click here

  lisa02 14:35 17 Aug 2007

Happy 25th to the CD!
(It's not much older than me.)

Probably the most versatile and cheap media ever. Heaven knows I've mountains of them, as some of the piles are almost reaching there!

  Stuartli 14:38 17 Aug 2007

I remember visiting the Philips factory in Blackburn in the early 1980s to watch the production of Laservision disks.

  dukeboxhero 15:59 17 Aug 2007

remember seeing a program on tv ,think it was blue peter when they first came out and he poured stuff all over a cd then wiped it of and played it without a jump or stickin, were they faking stuff way back then?

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