Cause of death? Video Games

  dagnammit 15:38 07 Mar 2009

The Governement is launching an ad campaign attacking gaming as causing an early death...

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One of the only maybe a few industries to be growing year on year and HMG wants to do this. Hmmmm bright.

Playing games won't cause you to get fat, it's eating junk food and lack of excercise that does it. Is he going to attack all past times like knitting, reading and so on? Of course you could read a book while you run.... just not wise!

How abouts a campaign aimed at getting excercise without jumping on some loony band wagon, attacking any particular industry midst a recession.

He wants us spending more but obviously not on games. So Mr Brown (aka The Fat Controller) what can I buy?

  rdave13 16:15 07 Mar 2009

Well the obvious thing to do would be to quadruple the VAT on the 'unhealthy' consoles and rate the Nintendo Wii at zero. That'll keep us healthy...or skint ;))

  Forum Editor 17:12 07 Mar 2009

has launched an incredible attack on the videogames industry"

What utter rubbish.

One of the ads will feature a child about to eat a cake - I don't recall seeing an article written by an outraged journalist on behalf of the cake-making companies.

The government campaign - which has the full support of the British Heart Foundation, Cancer Research, and Diabetes UK is aimed at persuading parents to get their children to take more exercise and eat healthily, instead of sitting around for hours on end playing computer games and eating rubbish.

Perceiving that as an attack on any particular industry is knee-jerk nonsense.

  Kevscar1 20:22 07 Mar 2009

Well I've been playing since the launch of the Spectrum 48k and I think I'm still alive. Mind you have died a couple of million times but I don't feel any the worse for it.

  JYPX 22:39 07 Mar 2009

First of all please keep in mind that I don't play video games and never have done. However....I have found the rise and rise of Guitar Hero to be rather depressing. Why? Well - there must be a learning curve even if it is a very minor one (ha ha). You know what? - learning to play a few licks on a real guitar is not THAT hard, and a decent guitar is not that expensive. Almost every classic guitar solo played by Eric Clapton is based on a flurry of notes (or a scale if you like....) which is so basic it is beyond belief. Please don't think for one second that I underestimate this legend - he may be playing 8 notes, but he plays them with such panache - maybe you could too.
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  rdave13 23:06 07 Mar 2009

Err of course.
dagnammit is right to link what the government sees as a danger to the public, especially to children, through playing video games.
Nothing, whatsoever, mentioned about the arcades found in major towns or cities? Most of the machines linked to small children are video games. Adults play the one armed bandits.
That is different, I suppose, as it's gambling laws.
Is there no end to this country's madness?
What is going on with common sense?

  crosstrainer 08:04 08 Mar 2009

It's about moderation. I have been playing games since they started, and am still here to tell the tale. If an individual spends umpteen hours seated in the same position, performing the same actions, then of course there are risk's...It may well be that my recent DVT problems arose from years of work, seated at a workstation performing the same actions....My doctor is of the opinion that this was a heredity issue, as I have always kept fit.

This Ad campaign will not deter children, adults or anyone from eating junk, or playing games.

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