m800afc 23:26 30 Aug 2009

Whilst on holiday in France last year I was very much taken by this image:
click here
I have since discovered on t'webternet the following:

click here
click here
click here
click here

For sentimental reasons, I would like to find the designer and buy a version of Catwalk 001.
Despite may searches I have not been able to identify the artist. I know it would be relatively simple to order a copy in the UK, but credit where credit is due, does any one have any idea at all where I could find the designer, and order an original?

  Pineman100 18:31 31 Aug 2009

I doubt whether it will help with anything as obscure as this, but you might like to try a reverse image search: click here

Before you upload it, it's probably best if you try to crop your image so that it shows only the tile, rather than any background.

  Chegs ®™ 01:37 01 Sep 2009

I did as you suggested pineman,cropped the catwalk001 image and ran it through tineye but the result was unfortunately a "0 results This link will expire in 72 hours. Why?
searched over 1.1142 billion images in 0.677 seconds "

  wiz-king 06:42 01 Sep 2009

The human eye is much better at recognising parts of a picture than a computer, Your photos contain more 'clutter' than the wanted image, you can only see the cat but the computer will also see the surroundings - they are different in all the images.
Worth a try though.

  Pineman100 13:16 01 Sep 2009

As I said above, you're looking for something pretty obscure, and the specific information that you want may not even be on the internet.

I think you may have reached the point where you should give up, and buy yourself some white tiles and some crayons.


  dasli 13:38 01 Sep 2009


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