Catshit one,

  wolfie3000 10:00 11 Feb 2011

Anyone got any news on when this series is going to be released in the the west?

Also is there any news if its going to be dubbed?

click here*[email protected]

click here-*[email protected]:-one-trailer/311779

I cant seem to find any news on this series regarding its release in the west.

  wolfie3000 10:02 11 Feb 2011

Links got screwed up, here are the proper links.

click here

click here

  jakimo 11:50 11 Feb 2011

I get plenty of that in the garden,and now its going to be on my television,cant get away from the stuff

  Uboat 11:59 11 Feb 2011

LOOOL woolfie! u nutter! i think a lot of members on here will think this is a joke but they are fantastic adventure/feature adult cartoons (no filth or anything untoward s) with a very bizarre name lool they are fantastic ive got to say! bot sure what the other members would say though lol n1 "T" lool

  jakimo 12:03 11 Feb 2011

Interpretation please!

  Forum Editor 12:49 11 Feb 2011

"Interpretation please!"

He likes the cartoons.

  jakimo 13:07 11 Feb 2011

I bow to your superior knowledge of 'catshit one'

  Uboat 13:34 11 Feb 2011

lol guys i know woolfie & he's a top guys! tbh ive never heard of the name cartoon until a few weeks ago ive heard of Manga films like Akira & when i saw this i thought it was pretty good but u have to have a liking to Manga films..

  wolfie3000 13:57 11 Feb 2011

Uboat manga is a whole separate thing from anime,
FE one thing that will upset an anime fan is calling them cartoons, but yeh I am a huge fan of anime, that being said Catshit one is not an anime it is a CGI series based on a manga called Apocalypse meow.

Back on subject, anyone know when this series is coming to western shores??

  morddwyd 17:52 11 Feb 2011

Adult cartoons?

Surely the whole idea of a cartoon is to appeal to a juvenile mind which cannot relate to reality?

(Retires gracefully!)

  wolfie3000 19:07 11 Feb 2011

Ok lets sort this out.

Anime isnt cartoons for kids, although there are some anime series that are aimed at kids, Pokemon being one.

Anime covers alot of different genres, from comedy and romance to hard core action, but most are aimed at adult audiences.

One that comes to mind is Clannad,
This scene will show you that some animes deal with subjects squarely aimed at adults, the scene is set after the father lost his wife during pregnancy.
click here

Still baffles me today why people call anime kids cartoons.
Anyway there has to be at least one otaku out there who can answer my original question.

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