Caterpillar eating my mint leaves

  Colonel Graham 15:22 16 Jun 2011

One for the gardeners: This Caterpillar is munching away on my mint leaves. I would like it to stop and go away. But how?

  amonra 15:26 16 Jun 2011

Best and cheapest anti-bug formula I've found yet is to mash a clove of garlic into a bowl of water, leave for 24 hrs, filter, and put the liquid in a spray They dont like it up 'em you know !

  sunnystaines 15:55 16 Jun 2011

your garden needs a hedgehog

  canarieslover 15:59 16 Jun 2011

I'l bet the birds think they're eating lamb instead of caterpillar!!!!!

  Colonel Graham 16:04 16 Jun 2011

I have at least one hegehog, they leave me messages.

The plants are in containers, anyway.

  Condom 18:57 16 Jun 2011

If memory serves me well there is a mint moth which does this and the best way to stop it is not growing mint in the area for a while. If they are in pots move them. Just bare in mind everything has to eat so grow more than you need and feed the world including our caterpillar friends.

  Forum Editor 23:32 16 Jun 2011

It's not a mint moth caterpillar.

Your caterpillar will turn into a Vapourer moth.

These caterpillars will feed on all kinds of trees and shrubs, but I confess I haven't heard of one feeding on mint before.

Mint grows vigorously, and unless the caterpillars are a real pest, and destroying the plants, it's best to leave them to get on with their lives - we need all the moths and butterflies we can get.

Be careful not to handle the caterpillars too much - their hairs can set up a nasty skin irritation.

  Quickbeam 00:36 17 Jun 2011

"your garden needs a hedgehog" I've never seen a hedgehog climb greenery for food;)

  Colonel Graham 00:45 17 Jun 2011


Ah, but have you ever seen a hedgehog?

I have, I have a motion detector. I mark them with Tippex so I know who's who.

  zzzz999 05:33 17 Jun 2011

Pole vaulting hedgehogs can snatch caterpillars as they whizz by. Does your cctv screen not get awfully messy covered in tippex?

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