catering van help pls?

  Autoschediastic 20:36 08 Jul 2011

hiya guys, a friend of mine and myself are in the process of looking for a large burger van/fastfood van for pitches and venues, ive looked on ebay and wasnt overly impressed tbh, i want one on Finance and i have a budget of around £15k for the van can anyone help me pls? ive searched online but wasnt impressed with the websites? can anyone suggest any website/company apart from autotrader/ebay? any help would be appreciated! Thanks

  WhiteTruckMan 21:16 08 Jul 2011



  wee eddie 21:54 08 Jul 2011

How much do you know about The Department of Environmental Health?

  Autoschediastic 23:21 08 Jul 2011


Wee Eddie my friend who i maybe going into business with is familiar with all the legislations.

  spuds 01:04 09 Jul 2011

I have just put ' mobile burger vans for sale' in a Yahoo search, and the results were many websites offering this product.

Perhaps a word of advice. If this is going to be a new venture, then make sure that you do your homework first. Trying to run a burger van business can have many unknown surprises, especially if you have established competitors.

  Kevscar1 06:01 09 Jul 2011

You will not get a new good one for 15k. I paid that for a long wheel base convoy 10 years ago. Even secondhand I doubt if you will get one less than 10yrs old.

  WhiteTruckMan 08:57 09 Jul 2011

Two more thoughts. First, have a look at auction houses especially for bankrupts stuff, buisnesses ceasing trading etc. Also commercial vehicle auctions. I cant be more specific because I dont know what part of the country you live in, but 15 minutes on google should do the trick.

The second is merely an observation: As a truck driver I avoid anything that looks overly amateurish or in the slightest bit 'slap dash' just on general principle, simply driving straight past them. I may be doing them a disservice, but I think the first (visual) impression really does count a great deal. I'm not offering this as advice, merely the opinion of a disinterested party.


  Quickbeam 09:22 09 Jul 2011

As per WTM's comment on quality, you'll only sell a bad product once, a good one several times over.

The laybys around Oxford used to have a vendor in every layby, there were only two good enough for me to stop at regularly!

  Forum Editor 09:34 09 Jul 2011

People buy with their eyes.

White Truck Man's advice is good.

  Quickbeam 09:57 09 Jul 2011

Also, keep the serving sill clean from tea and sugar slops at all times, never put food on there to soak up tea slops, don't buy the cheapest ratburgers from the wholesalers, don't buy cheap salty bacon, don't cook bacon or eggs on the same grill as onions have been cooked on, don't assume everyone has tea with 50% milk in it, don't leave chocolate bars in direct sunlight, don't precook food to save time if it loses quality, don't assume that no-one wants fresh salad items in a burgers and sandwiches, don't assume that good enough for you're lowly standard is good enough for me... If it's right, they come back, if it's crap, they won't!

Just a few observations over 20 years of trucking as to which vendors I call at more than once, also applies to race tracks, antique markets, carboots, etc, etc.

  wiz-king 10:36 09 Jul 2011

Wrong time of year to buy, you should buy in the winter and then you can spend time servicing and getting it ready for the spring.

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