catchy saying but missleading.............

  Sethhaniel 13:51 26 Oct 2006

The saying that I hear often and even by people without computers is 'Google it'

and from experience thats the one thing I won't do - if I want to find anything I use 'Yahoo search'

even if you register with Google with your web page it will get no results in a GOOGLE search - where an identical search in Yahoo or MSN puts your search in the top three finds

So anyone I find uttering the catch phrase I point in the right direction ;)

  g0slp 14:04 26 Oct 2006

It's similar to saying that you're going to do the hoovering, even though you're going to use a Dyson/Electrolux/Henry etc etc

  Bob The Nob© 16:16 26 Oct 2006

Well I always say wiki it

  Totally-braindead 17:35 26 Oct 2006

Interesting Sethhaniel. So you're saying that Yahoo is a better search engine than Google?
I certainly can't argue the point as I really don't know. I use Google all the time and its always given me what I wanted.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 17:48 26 Oct 2006

My life is much too short to worry about the semantics of language.


  hijo 23:09 26 Oct 2006

this could be true but only in some areas...diferant search engines tend to have differant results when claim to have 8 bilion pages but also there is belief that they have mirrored there pages meaning they only have 4billion....

  dagbladet 09:43 27 Oct 2006

GANDALF once again you take time out of your short life to tell us "my life is too short blah, blah,...". If a thread is of no interest to you, or indeed you feel the subject matter is not worthy of your time or effort, why reply?

  GANDALF <|:-)> 09:58 27 Oct 2006

This is an open forum where anyone can post views...naturally you have no need to read mine if you feel that you cannot understand why I replied.


  Tugwilson 10:16 27 Oct 2006

I use a site Called Engines2go.You get them all at the same time:-)

click here

  Sethhaniel 13:53 27 Oct 2006

To all new comers to computers -with Google it instilled in their world view and search for items to be limited in their search or find nothing at all - where if they had searched Yahoo there answers would have been there/

I often need results and I know I can rely on Yahoo 100% afraid Google is not in the running -

A simple test for you all - pick your subject Google It and Yahoo it and compare the results As simple as that

Sorry to wake you GANDALF <|:-)> ;)

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