Cat Scan Predicts Patient's Death

  Pesala 12:54 26 Jul 2007
  Seth Haniel 12:58 26 Jul 2007
  DrScott 14:31 26 Jul 2007

dogs having similar abilities, especially in detecting cancer.

  stolensilver 18:28 26 Jul 2007

Yes there was a study done some years back now using dogs to indicate whether moles were malignant or not. The dogs had a very high success rate. Here's another study looking at dogs picking up lung and breast cancer with a success rate of 90%!

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It makes a lot of sense to me. Humans are very sight orientated with large visual cortexes but we have very little grey matter devoted to smell. Dogs are different with the scent part of their brain being 44x bigger than the human equivalent. I can't even imagine what a dog's world is like when seen/scented through dog senses. If our vision was 44x better than it is now Superman's x-ray vision would be given prescription glasses. LOL!

An good example of imposing human expectations on animals and getting skewed results was a series of experiments looking at the intelligence of rats. The first set of experiments gave the rats a sight-orientated puzzle to solve. The rats did very poorly and the researchers concluded that rats were not very clever. It took a casual conversation with a pet rat enthusiast to point out that rats have very poor eyesight. The test was changed to a scent based puzzle and the rats proved themselves to be as clever as dogs.

Putting yourself in other people's shoes is hard. Trying to understand the world from the perspective of another species seems to be close to impossible. Just because we as humans cannot (often) sense death does not IMHO rule out the possibility that other animals can. The (often) is there because there are experienced staff nurses in most hospitals who can also do this with uncanny accuracy and most experienced clinicians have a sixth sense that something is wrong even though all the technology-derived numbers indicate otherwise.

  Forum Editor 18:41 26 Jul 2007

to epilepsy sufferers - they can detect an episode before it occurs, and can be trained to bark a special warning, enabling their owner to get to a place of relative safety.

Once, when I was in Antigua I took my wife to a Dolphin centre - it was a huge lagoon, with an underwater barred barrier to prevent the dolphins escaping to the open sea. They had a massive area of water in which to swim, and the place was beautifully run by american dolphin experts. My wife went into the lagoon with one of these people, was shown how the dolphins could be 'called' from about half a mile away by slapping the surface of the water. The woman trainer did this, and I saw four dolphins leap into the air in the distance. They came charging across the lagoon, and started circling my wife and three other people who were in the water with her. All four dolphins came very close and started nosing around one of the women, who seemed a little upset by the attention, and the traoner said to her 'please relax, they're scanning you, are you feeling ill at all?' The woman said she wasn't, but that she was five months pregnant. "That's it, said the trainer - they can 'see' the baby."

Apparently it's very common, and dolphins have been known to pay special attention to people who have tumours. It was a facinating insight into another world.

  Kate B 23:38 26 Jul 2007

click here Classic - someone's already turned Oscar into a lolcat

  Input Overload 01:01 27 Jul 2007

Shooing Mr Cat away from the computer desk.

  robgf 01:21 27 Jul 2007

The cats just following his natural instincts, picking out the weak and ill from the herd.
If the deceased weren't removed, it would be dinner time. :)

  mitsme 04:35 28 Jul 2007


I found the story facinating. Then I am a cat person & baised.

I had a cat, now sadly deceased that was able to tell if I was unwell. It would stay with me until I was better. It's hard to explain until you actually experience something like that. I am convinced that it aided my recovery.


You may be right, but I'd like to stick to the warm fuzzy feel of the original story.

  HCOOH 13:54 28 Jul 2007

The Grim Re-purr as one redtop put it.

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