Cat flap in double glazing.

  muddypaws 15:33 28 Nov 2010

Has anyone had the experience of a cat flap fitted into double glazing?
Was it successful? ie was the window still sealed successfully.
A glazier would do the work and it looks as if it has to be a new glazing unit rather than fitting to existing.
I know it has to be a special flap with a seal.
Any recommendations on make/model?
Moving into new build next week.
Not urgent to fit as cat will be housebound for a while!

  Forum Editor 16:26 28 Nov 2010

Well maybe, but it has to be a completely new unit, as you say, That means it must be made by a specialist double-glazed unit manufacturer.

Make sure that your glazier specifies the correct unit thickness - building regulations require a bigger gas gap than previously, and your door may not have a rebate that's deep enough. In that case your glazier must specify a narrower unit. The new glass must be toughened, and the inner leaf should be Low E glass to comply with current requlations.

Your glazier will know that it's not possible to cut toughened glass - the glass must have the cut-out for the cat flap made in both pieces of glass before they go to be toughened. The double glazing manufacturers will handle all that.

If you want the best cat-flap around, go for a Staywell 500 infra-red. It has specially coded collar keys, so only your cat(s) can get in. if your budget doesn't like a £50 + price tag get the Staywell 400 magnetic collar key flap at under £30

  uk-wizard 16:34 28 Nov 2010

If it is a smallish unit repace it with polycarbonate sheet from click here who will cut it to fit. I have replaced a ~1metre x 1metre window with 6mm polycarbonate and the local stone throwers have been thwarted.

  Ex plorer 16:34 28 Nov 2010

Hi just a thought, could you put it in the wall say with a wooden box going through the wall this would be cheaper and then get the top Stay well flap.

  Ex plorer 16:40 28 Nov 2010

Or a Staywell click here

  Woolwell 17:43 28 Nov 2010

Had this done on a new build a few years ago. Old double glazing pane was taken out and replaced with pane with cat flap. The previous pane was retained and could be put back if ever the cat flap was no longer required. The process was quite successful.

  muddypaws 18:52 28 Nov 2010

Forum Editor
Thanks. It would be the glazing firm that has fitted all the glazing in the 7 bungalows. We supplied one flap via the site foreman which was supposed to be OK, but he apparently broke the glass pane.. No charge to us, so perhaps he doesn't know all there is to know.
The pane is next to the patio doors which is toughened and Low E. Had already looked at your link and liked it. However it seems as if the flap will be the least expensive part of the op.
The walls are 15" thick ( double lot of insulation etc.) so that way is out as is also the front door.
Might have second thoughts.
The cat is 16... ......!
'The previous pane was retained...'
Good thought.

  sunnystaines 20:49 28 Nov 2010

my daughter looked a this matter a few months ago and worked out too expensive a new adapted double glazed unit would have to be made.

  muddypaws 21:09 28 Nov 2010

Wise decision I think.
It would be in the lounge and no matter what the makers say there will be draught no matter how small, which will defeat all the insulation and underfloor heating.

  Quickbeam 07:37 29 Nov 2010

Why do you want it in the glass? I have a small dog flap in the back door lower panel which is fitted with a plain white insulated panel that's about an inch thick.

Early morning bleary eyes had me read your headline as 'Flat cap in double glazing'...?!

  muddypaws 08:43 29 Nov 2010

Or even Black cap in double glazing.!
Must stop hanging the nuts in there!
We don't have a back door. Is that a good enough reason (:-]]
Don't want it in front door,and don't want to destroy15" wall that has two sections of insulation in it.
The lounge has 2x patio opening doors and window panels each side.
And no chimney in case you were about to suggest that way!!!
I also have muddypaws cocker who will continue to use the normal access points!
I think we will continue to be subservient to the cat and open doors and throw her out.
Only joking.

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