The Cat That Could Open the Fridge

  IClaudio 16:34 20 Dec 2006

I've never met anyone who likes receiving a Christmas Round Robin. These smug, boring annual letters about the writer's expensive exotic holiday, their kids who have just passed their 8th Grade in flute or achieved a 1:1 in Politics, and the new 8-bedroom country cottage that they've just renovated, make us all see red... don't they?

But someone must write them!

The first one we got this year was spectacularly dull: the Highlight of their year was spotting an Eagle in Scotland, their child had enrolled in some Event Management course (whatever that is) and they've been busy all year installing a new bathroom... Wow.

They finish by saying "hope that you like to be kept up to date with happenings here..." Er, no, I haven't the slightest interest, and by the way, did you ever ask me what I've been doing?

(Sorry if you wrote this!)

The point is that if you're reasonably close to the writer, you'll know all about the interesting and salient points of their life, and wouldn't need a word-processed diary of events - and if you're not that close, why would you care?

//humbug mode off//

  Forum Editor 18:02 20 Dec 2006

I am totally and utterly in tune with you on this. I cringe when I get one of these pretentious "2006 at The Magnolias" newsletters.

Who are these people who presume to think that I'll be the least bit interested to learn that Tamsin is doing so well at university that she's "on track for a first", and that Giles continues to rise towards the top in investment banking?

The garden really did look a picture this summer apparently, and the new conservatory is worth every penny of the £27,000 it cost.

I get these smug little missives (well not so little actually - 8 pages this time)each year, and each year they go straight into the bin. The couple involved seemed OK when I met them at a corporate dinner in Hong Kong three years ago, but boy do I regret giving the husband my address.

Turn that shredder on, would you?.

  Z1100 18:06 20 Dec 2006

I am Not Missing out on on something for a change. Yippee!

I have never heard of these 'letters' how on earth did you get caught up in something like that?


  octal 18:13 20 Dec 2006

"Oh! Sounds Like I am Not Missing out on on something for a change."

Believe me, you're not missing a thing. I don't know what's wrong with the email, we've all got email addresses in our family, at least they can be directed to the spam box :-)

That's the emails by the way, not the family, although............

  Brumas 20:30 20 Dec 2006

I suppose I am fortunate in that the one I always receive is from a Swiss-German family we met whilst boating on the Shannon umpteen years ago. It is in German, I inevitably struggle with a couple of paragraphs (to show willing) then I throw it in the bin!

  IClaudio 20:38 20 Dec 2006

Hey, we have a mutual acquaintance who neither of us have seen for 30 years ;)

That phrase sums it all up...

  Apron 06:33 21 Dec 2006

Simon Hoggart has made a collection;,,1654059,00.html
I hope that link works.

  Apron 06:35 21 Dec 2006

Oh just Google him.

  Grambo 09:53 21 Dec 2006

'I have never heard of these 'letters' how on earth did you get caught up in something like that?'

I had one last year from a cousin who emigrated to the states a few years ago. She was rational, down to earth gal when she left lol...but think she has been americanised. Slushy chain mails etc. Then i got the 'letter'. Just like you were describing. It could be a cultural thing coz it was way beyond and family info. Maybe im ungracious :-)

  Sethhaniel 11:27 21 Dec 2006

to write my years round robin too!!!!


  Confab 14:34 21 Dec 2006

My wife gets one every year from her cousin and boy does it wind me up (for about 10 minutes anyway). Why on earth does he think that we’re the slightest bit interested in the fact that he’s doing REALLY well in his Princes2 exam or that he’s been promoted AGAIN this year, or that all of the little sprogs are doing FANTASTICALLY well at school. Pages of blah blah blah blah blah, written in the most patronising tone. I just makes me wonder exactly what is going around and around and around in his head that urges him to write such utter uninteresting garbage year after year and then send it to his friends and family.

I am really tempted to write one myself one year telling the family exactly what I do in my job, how well my kids/wife/cats are, take loads of picture of them all, paste them in letter and send it. Somehow I don’t think its going to happen because a) I have a life and b) I can’t be bothered.

I feel better now.


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