In case you didn't know, Rugby Union's

  Quickbeam 08:22 01 Feb 2008

Six Nations starts this weekend. I'm going to Twickenham this weekend, and to Rome later... Whoopee!

John Inverdale speaking to Chis Evans yesterday on the radio, predicted a Home Isles victory for the championship (favouring England), on account of the extreme weather predicted during the tourament... The soft Mediterranean teams won't be able to hack it, apparently!

Good luck to all Home Nations, my order of support is...

1. Engand, country of birth.
2. Scotland, country of forebears
3. Italy, addopted country of sister & cousin.
4. Ireland, country of Gt, Gt, Grandpearents (Celtic bloodline)
5. Wales, a home nation.
66. France, say no more then... no, it's not a typo:))

  BT 08:36 01 Feb 2008

I suppose this means that BBC1 will be showing the Games to the exclusion of regular programmes.

We are not all sports fans and it really annoys me that sport, particularly football, takes precedence over everything else. You can't even go to the pub to avoid it as most pubs these days show sports channels. My local pub has 6 screens around the bars which seem to be showing sport most of the time. You can't go for a quiet drink any more!

Thank goodness for Cable and Satellite TV.

  Quickbeam 08:53 01 Feb 2008

the soap schedules will be all to pot for seven weeks...

  babybell 09:47 01 Feb 2008

I love rugby and will be glued to the tournament for its duration. As for the soaps schedules, all the games are played on a Saturday and Sunday so apart from a few omnibus shows, you may find that you are not greatly affected.

  laurie53 10:39 01 Feb 2008

As long as it does not interfere with the Superbowl! :-)

  Sapins 10:52 01 Feb 2008

Final table.







  babybell 11:10 01 Feb 2008

Ireland struggled greatly in the world cup and were very poor, England beat France as well, so I'm going for


  Bingalau 11:29 01 Feb 2008

I don't care who wins this one but I am going to enjoy watching it. As for the soaps, well I for one would be happy if they were banned from our screens altogether. I can't get any sense out of the boss/wife when they are on.

By the way I think most of the sports programs on the TV in pubs and bars, are shown on Sky and not the BBC.

  babybell 11:37 01 Feb 2008

True, but most games involving international teams, be it rugby or football are shown on BBC due to the fact that more people will want to watch it. All the other games such as Premiership games are shown on Sky.

  Legolas 13:01 01 Feb 2008

I don't care who wins as long as its not Engaaaaland.

  Quickbeam 18:36 03 Feb 2008

I guess England won't be doing the Grand Slam then...

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