Case mods

  wiz-king 05:50 10 Jun 2005

For you treckies out there, a PC related project for your long winters evenings! May the force be with you.

  De Marcus 08:29 10 Jun 2005

May the link be with us? :-)

  wiz-king 11:12 10 Jun 2005

My light saber ran out of ink click here.

  DieSse 11:21 10 Jun 2005

Each to their own - but I've never understood this - who ever wanted to "case-mod" their TV, or washing machine?, or microwave? ---- So why the computer?

  Sapins 11:25 10 Jun 2005

Give them time.

  Aspman 15:10 10 Jun 2005

That person needs to open their front door and step outside a bit more often.

  Indigo 1 16:17 10 Jun 2005

It would be a strange world if we were all the same, with the same tastes and likes/dislikes.

Or as my mum would say 'There's nowt so queer as folk'.

I think there is room in the world for a little experimentation and personalization, the plain beige PC box has had it's day.

My PC has an aluminium case because I like it.

The reason that washing machines are never customised, well I would have thought that was obvious. If you consider that it is generally men who like to customise their cars, bikes and now home built PC's, not women.

I really don't like the Tie Fighter though, what must his wife think or his friends ?

  Joe R 16:48 10 Jun 2005

Indigo 1,

have to agree with your posting.

Still to get the modding treatment yet, but will get around to it shortly.

click here

  Curio 18:06 10 Jun 2005

Whatever turns you on.

  Pooke 19:00 10 Jun 2005

That's pretty cool, if I had the talent for such things I'd want something like that......

Well done to that fella! he must be pleased with himself, I would be.


  jack 20:18 10 Jun 2005

I've 'Modded mine.
The side is off and parked behind the desk
I can sit back and see the MoBo memory lights
The fan whirring.
Flick me sweety papers in
Empty the coffee dregs in too

Oh thats the way to do it.

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