In Case Brumas Runs Out Of Postcards

  Bingalau 17:31 14 Nov 2010

Well why not get rummaging in your attics and if you find any old ones, or new ones for that matter then send them to him. I am sure he will fix us up with a PO Box number if we are keen enough. Who knows? Someone might send him a priceless one.

You will not be allowed to take part in his Friday night puzzle if you have supplied that night's particular puzzle postcard though.

  alB 17:50 14 Nov 2010

Some of these ones are priceless !! click here ...alB

  Brumas 17:51 14 Nov 2010

I don’t think that would be allowed however thanks for thinking of me old pal but rest assured we will never run out - Fran must have at least 10,000 plus!
Having said that Fran informs me, as many as she has she is always looking out for more and would be happy to receive any unwanted ones via the yellow envelope. ;o}

  Brumas 18:11 14 Nov 2010

I have just been reliably informed that Fran has thousands of postcards but nowhere near 10,000, however she lives in hope!

  birdface 19:08 14 Nov 2010

Nice Site alB.

  muddypaws 19:44 14 Nov 2010

Friday nights belong to Brumas alone.
He enjoys running the quiz as much as we all look forward to taking part.
Status quo please.
click here

  Brumas 22:25 14 Nov 2010

"He enjoys running the quiz as much as we all look forward to taking part" sums it up in a nutshell ;o}}

  BT 08:35 15 Nov 2010

There's lots of saucy postcards here
click here

Click on Sunny Pedro postcards

  ella33 10:57 15 Nov 2010

If you go rummaging through the attic, going by the news at the weekend you might find you are a millionaire, whether it is the postcards or old vase. So you might not bother to send them to Brumas!

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