In cas eof Emergency - Put Ice in your Mobile

  jorel 23:43 24 Jan 2007

A friend sent me this in an email and I thought it was a cool (ugh, sorry) idea.
a disaster in London The East Anglian Ambulance Service has
launched a national "In case of Emergency (ICE)" campaign. The
idea is that you store the word "ICE" in your mobile phone address
book, and with it enter the number of the person you would want to
be contacted "In Case of Emergency ". In an emergency situation,
Emergency Services personnel and hospital staff would then be able
to quickly find the contact information under "ICE".
Don't know if this would work with the emergency services or not though.

  Monoux 13:07 25 Jan 2007

This has been around before some months ago but it doesn't do any harm to refresh peoples memory to set this up on their phone. I understand it has been a great success in enabling the emergency services to make contact quickly and easily with next of kin etc

I replied to bump this up to the top again because I think its a good idea

  IClaudio 18:59 25 Jan 2007

I've had an ICE on my phone for about 5 years..

...just hoping that the person who picks up my cellphone knows what an ICE is :)

  octal 19:33 25 Jan 2007

I think it's a great idea, there is a problem for me though, I don't often use my phone it's off most of the time and needs a PIN number to get into it.

  p;3 21:36 25 Jan 2007

it is assuming thaT someone knows how to switch on your mobile then find the numbers;
and what if you have more than one number that needs calling ,as in reality I do?

  tullie 21:45 25 Jan 2007

Great idea,had it on mine for years

  laurie53 08:57 26 Jan 2007

This is similar to the system usde by some LAs, where vulnerable persons keep their medical details, NoK etc in a small container in their refrigerator, with a sticker on the door.

If the emergency services have to transport you to hospital they just pick up the container and have all the necessary details straight to hand.


  exdragon 11:28 26 Jan 2007

I've got a couple of people listed as ICE: 1.Joe Bloggs and ICE: 2.Joe Bloggs Jnr

I've also got the container in the fridge, with my latest prescription print out as well as the next of kin details. I think it's essential if you live alone. My other half (who also lives alone) was carted off to hospital with a suspected heart attack some time ago and luckily managed to find his prescription details, but couldn't remember my phone number!

  interzone55 21:37 26 Jan 2007

Many mobiles (mine is a Nokia 6080) allow multiple numbers to be stored against a name, such as Office, Mobile, Home etc, this would allow several numbers to be listed under ICE.

I have my wife's mobile & work numbers, plus my home number listed there.

  Wak 17:17 27 Jan 2007

I used to have "ICE" on my phone but later changed it to "Next of Kin" as everybody will know what that means but not everyone will understand the meaning of the word "ICE"

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