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  Bingalau 15:27 27 Apr 2007

Can anyone advise me about these air conditioning systems. Mine is about six years old and doesn't function as good as it used to. Can I service it myself or is it too complicated? Is there a way of just cleaning it out? Or is it a technical job for the garage only? My car is a Daewoo Leganza.

  blad1 15:34 27 Apr 2007

Air conditioning systems are incredible difficult to keep working in any satisfactory condition for a long length of time, they are too susceptible to leaks, dust etc. Go to a garage, or just wind down the window and breathe in that fresh petrol filled air.

  Bingalau 15:35 27 Apr 2007


  Jak_1 15:36 27 Apr 2007

No idea but I would suspect it's not a straightforward job! My old Ford Escort still has the old style blowers and windup windows for aircon, lol.

  Bingalau 15:37 27 Apr 2007

blad1. Thanks for the quick reply and that is what I was expecting as an answer. Any idea about costs? At the moment I tend to use the sun roof a lot, but that isn't good for my baldy bonce.

  pj123 15:39 27 Apr 2007

It probably needs a "re-gas". My Daewoo Lanos was done about a year ago, cost £74. Been perfect ever since.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 15:41 27 Apr 2007

You need to have the aircon recharged (usually every 3 years) and it is not a DIY job. The service and charge costs around £90 and there should be a raft of companies in Yellow Pages.


  anskyber 15:42 27 Apr 2007

Cost depends on your garage. Generally the air conditioning unit requires re pressurising (and I think filling with something) I have found that this could be a standard scheduled service item at between 2-4 years.

I have seen third party service centres who advertise such services if you want to avoid a main dealer.

  namtas 15:59 27 Apr 2007

"doesn't function as good as it used to"
Two possible causes, the air intake filter(s) sometimes called pollen filters require cleaning or changing, possible job you could do yourself depending on the accessibility see the instruction for this device, or a gas leak has developed most likely, and you have lost all or part of the refrigerant charge, this is a job for a qualified air con registered garage, as it will entail checking for leaks as well as a recharge. You should in theory never need to recharge as it is a totally sealed system. A good tip is to run the system during the winter at least once every week for 5 or 10 minutes this will keep the seals in the pump lubricated which apart from corrosion of the evaporator coils is the cause of leaks.

  Bingalau 15:59 27 Apr 2007

Many thanks again everybody. I now have a better idea than before, and a rough idea of what it will cost. Maybe with this global warming and a hot summer forecast again, I will need to get it done. Don't fancy being stuck on the motorway in a traffic jam in the heat.

  freaky 16:07 27 Apr 2007

Any vehicle a/c will last longer provided you run it for say 15 minutes per month.

The system has a number of o-rings that require lubrication, the lubricant is contained in the coolant that is pumped through the system.

If the a/c is not used then the o-rings dry out!

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