Carpet Fitters

  oldbeefer2 15:03 24 Feb 2009

Had to have a carpet replaced, after damage from exploding log, courtesy of insurance company and Allied Carpets. Was told I would have to lift and remove old carpets (lounge 25ft by 18ft). Bloke came and fitted the carpet and left all the offcuts for me to get rid of. What's happened to good old fashioned service? Grrr. Rant over.

  Pine Man 15:09 24 Feb 2009

Local independant fitted mine yesterday. When he had finished he put all the off-cuts into a plastic bag, borrowed the vacuum cleaner and ran it over the carpet to pick up the remaining bits and then emptied the vacuum cleaner into his plastic bag and removed all of the rubbish.

Got to be a moral there somewhere!

  oldbeefer2 15:16 24 Feb 2009

Yeah, I would have chosen if I had been able to, but AC are the ones appointed by the insurance company. I'm all in favour of using local services - I buy most electrical goods from an independant shop in the local town. Similar prices to the big outlets, but MUCH more user-friendly when something goes wrong.

  canarieslover 15:23 24 Feb 2009

Once was a time when you didn't even have to take the major items of furniture out of the room. Trouble is that most carpet fitters are on a per job basis and extra time taken is not being paid for.

  oldbeefer2 15:36 24 Feb 2009

Good point - forgot about that. Yes, nearly did my back in shifting everything out then back in. Grrr again!

  Cymro. 15:37 24 Feb 2009

We had a similar problem when we replaced a carpet earlier this year. The carpet fitter said that the local council were charging him for every carpet he took to the local land fill site. He said that he would have to pass the charge on to the customer if he took away the old carpet.

So we just cut up the old carpet as best we could and placed in our bin one peace at a time over the following weeks. So it ended up in the council lad fill site but at no charge to us or the carpet fitter.

  oresome 15:47 24 Feb 2009

We use the offcuts from a new carpet as doormats or car mats. Some are even taken on holiday and used outside the caravan doorway.

If we don't have carpet offcuts, we buy carpet samples for the same purpose.

  Pamy 16:08 24 Feb 2009

Iwould have been onto my insurance co pretty damb quick

  spuds 16:15 24 Feb 2009

I would take this up with the insurance company, if they did all the administration work of getting the carpet replaced. Officially the old carpet belongs to them, and its their or their contractors problem to do the work and disposal. Methinks the fitter was on a fixed price arrangement!.

A few years ago, we had steel framed windows removed in favour of upv double glazing, which was sub-contracted out to an independent fitter. Took three phone calls before the original company came and removed the rubbish. On the day they arrived to remove the waste, a scrap metal man was in the area, and he took the frames away, leaving the glass for the company to bag up and removed. Would mention, on the third call to the actual seller company, I did state that I would obtain a skip and send them the bill for about £100/£120, that soon brought speedy action.

  Stuartli 16:36 24 Feb 2009

I'm with oresome on this one.

Carpet offcuts are extremely useful - it just needs a bit of imagination and common sense as to where best to make use of them.

I recall some of my first cars (back in the 1960s onwards) were much quieter and more pleasant in which to travel through using old carpets for soundproofing under the original floor and other trim areas.

  Stuartli 17:01 24 Feb 2009

Too many people expect to be paid the top rate for their work, yet pay workmen or others the bare minimum for the equivalent or even higher levels of skill to their own.

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