cardiff by night

  sunnystaines 19:34 15 May 2009

click here

the pictures tell it all

  TonyV 20:11 15 May 2009

Heaven help us!!


  Quickbeam 07:48 16 May 2009

Were these pictures for Cardiff's entry into the 2008 'City of Culture' contest? click here

  crosstrainer 08:43 16 May 2009

St Mary street is awash with nightclubs and take-away food shops.

It has been like this for many years, and the picture is really tame compared to some of the sights I have seen there.

The area depicted has only Cardiff Bay for night life competition (they aim to attract a better, older clientele apparently)

The youth of my capital city have always congregated thus.

Of course, I wouldn't know these day's, have not been into the city centre at night since I retired.

  Quickbeam 08:44 16 May 2009

I'm afraid every sizeable town is like this on a weekend night.

  crosstrainer 08:45 16 May 2009

Swansea or Newport? I may incur a certain amount of wrath here, but have you ever been to Swansea or Newport centres?

.....Run down and dangerous.

  sunnystaines 08:55 16 May 2009

Never been to cardiff on a trip to beacons stopped of at a town called merther tydall were not impressed so did not travel further onwards to cardiff, swansea etc.

been to north wales llando not sure of spelling but near snowdonia that was a nice area pleasant people.

  Quickbeam 08:56 16 May 2009

Yes, as an ex trucker I have seen practically every city, town and village in Britain. There is good and bad everywhere. The Mail has gone out of it's way to pick on Cardiff to show a nasty side of what happens in every town with embarrassing regularity.

Don't be offended by my first reply, it would have fitted any city that entered and failed the City of Culture contest. It was tacky and I know it:)

  Quickbeam 08:59 16 May 2009

if I've been to so many of Britain's cities and towns, why can't I solve any of Brumas's picture puzzles...?

  crosstrainer 09:00 16 May 2009

...Merthyr ...Oh dear, you couldn't have picked a worse place :))

(Awaits incoming fire)

  crosstrainer 09:03 16 May 2009

No offence at all old friend....Certain areas of all city centres are thus. There are plenty of nice places in Cardiff too, but I prefer to remain in the sticks these day's.

Last time I went out for a nice meal I found I had been "Set up" on a blind date! The embarrassment was huge, and the mate concerned felt just as bad as I did :))

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