card receipts

  User2008 13:55 09 Aug 2008

I was just in a supermarkt that's named after a country....

And I noticed that the check-out operator was collecting up the credit card payments slip that they print off and retain. And placing them beside the printer - easily reachable by staff and customers.

I spoke to the information desk girl who said "she's just collecting them up and putting them away later". I asked her would it be ok for an operator to stack up £20 notes in this fashion because in the right hands that's what those slips represent. The only difference is it's the customers' money and not the company's.

I then asked for someone else and out came a manager. I explained the issue to him and also told him about when I worked at Safeway, several years back, that a colleague got arrested for card fraud. That's how he obtained card numbers (from the slips) and apparently he'd fiddled more than £20,000 from the cards and we had no idea! After our chat he thanked me for bringing it to his attention and said he'd deal with it.

  Pine Man 14:36 09 Aug 2008

I might be wrong but the 'slips' are only kept for reference. All transactions are actually carried out 'on line' direct to the card company from the store at the time of purchase.

There should not be sufficient info on the slips that they keep to make a fraudunant transaction.

It is not like the old days where all of the slips were sent of to be entered manually by the card companies.

  Clapton is God 14:39 09 Aug 2008

Good thread and I like the action you took.

However, "a supermarkt that's named after a country...."

Sainsbury's, Tesco, Asda, Somerfield, France, Germany, Italy.

Sorry, you've got me! Which damn supermarket??

  cream. 14:44 09 Aug 2008


  tullie 14:56 09 Aug 2008

I forgot Iceland too,dident think off it as a supermarket.

  Clapton is God 14:56 09 Aug 2008


  Clapton is God 14:58 09 Aug 2008

"dident think of it as a supermarket"

I agree - more like a corner shop with lots of freezers!

  Forum Editor 15:02 09 Aug 2008

(from the slips)"

Do the slips display the entire card number?

How does having a card number help you to use the cards fraudulently? You need the PIN to be able to do that, and you won't get that from a transaction slip, it's encrypted at the terminal and sent down the line to the VISA server.

  User2008 15:07 09 Aug 2008

That's what we we're told FE and that's the only job he did at our store... operated a till.

  User2008 15:16 09 Aug 2008

FE It was pre Chip and Pin - I worked at Safeway in 2001/2002.

  interzone55 15:35 09 Aug 2008

My knowledge here is pre-chip & pin.

The retailer copies of receipts generally only show the last 4 digits of a card number and the expiry date, plus whether the card was swiped or keyed.

We only collected the receipts for end of day till reconciliation purposes - the total cash, cheques (remember them) & card receipts should add up to the total takings - useful if the method of payment was entered wrongly (cash instead of cheque etc).

It's probably about 10 years since tills recorded the whole card number on a till receipt. At the time they contained all the info you needed to commit card fraud over the phone, nowadays the person taking the card would need to remember, or take a note of the whole number, and the security number on the back.

I make sure I keep hold of my card so the shop assistant doesn't get a look at the back of the card, especially in filling stations...

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