Carbon footprints...

  Quickbeam 08:52 18 Sep 2008

and all that crap again click here

Will we then start to get some tax cuts? After all, they said the green taxes were to reduce carbon output. So if we are to increase it what happens to the taxation argument?

  Grey Goo 09:38 18 Sep 2008

There will be more taxation.

A tax on Taxi's to offset the CO2 produced by exploding engines.

A tax on moving quickly, because your respiration rate increases and you produce more CO2.

A tax on Goverments talking Bollo, unfortunately there will never be enough money for them to pay that size demand.

  lofty29 09:39 18 Sep 2008

Environmental taxe's are just another excuse by the authouries to take more money out of our pockets, its like the bit I heard on the radio yesterday about some council fining motorists for not switching off their engines when they are stationary, on the same lines as putting up duty on fags, booze etc, because its good for your health.

  peter99co 14:23 18 Sep 2008

Have you any info

'I heard on the radio yesterday about some council fining motorists for not switching off their engines when they are stationary.'

I will make sure I keep well clear of there. Even if I don't leave my engine running.

Are they (The Council) a new branch of a Fasist Party?

  jack 14:30 18 Sep 2008

What a nice turn of phrase!
I like it

You talk a load of Bollo
He talks a load of Bollo
What a lot of Bollo
Yes I shall add it to my lexicon.

  peter99co 14:40 18 Sep 2008

Some people speak it fluently most of the time. It is often called Rubbish as well and can be found in written form as well.

I know students of Bollo who are leaving school and find it is holding them back considerably.

Any who were lucky to get diploma status move on to be Members of Parliament.

  WhiteTruckMan 15:01 18 Sep 2008
  peter99co 15:58 18 Sep 2008

To turn off at railway crossings is sensible. I hope the time allowed for rail crossings has sufficient safety margins maintained and not shortened just to save fuel. That would just be an accident waiting to happen.

Council leader Henry Smith said:
"I will be writing to Network Rail to ask that the length of time that motorists have to wait at crossings is reduced."

I hope they tell him to stick to his own job and leave them to do the right thing according to safe practices.

If these drivers are sitting waiting outside the school with the engine running then they are stupid and should be told

In traffic queues is questionable considering that in winter each turn of the key drains the battery and with heaters and lights etc. this could add to the number of cars failing to restart.

In car manuals it is sometimes suggested that if the car is to be left for a few minutes ticking over it is best to switch off.

Common sense really. Do we really need these nanny methods or is it just these councils need to be seen as if they are doing green things.

"This is about improving air quality and saving the planet and people's health," said spokesman Tony Toynton. Rubbish!

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