Caravans to the Ready?

  riiverstock 19:20 04 Apr 2007

I wonder,if our Foreign Secretary Margaret Beckett will now be able to relax this bank holiday weekend in her caravan.
Especially after all the recent pressures from telling Iran just exactly what she demanded of them.

She obviously comes out of this conflict as the run-away winner!

What type of person makes a good caravaner?

Sad?Jolly?Speed Controller?Tragic,.....

  Jak_1 19:39 04 Apr 2007

Oh good grief, I'd forgotten it was that time of year again. They were a nightmare down in Devon and Cornwall.

  STREETWORK 19:41 04 Apr 2007

One who can tolerate other inconsiderate drivers...

  hzhzhzhz 19:53 04 Apr 2007

Caravans are a menace on the roads. Probably about 0.0005% of the drivers who tow these things could manage to reverse them more than a couple of yards. Cars which tow caravans should be subjected to a much higher Road Tax.

  Jak_1 20:04 04 Apr 2007

What anyone who tows a caravan has to realise is that the combination is essentially an articulated vehicle and needs to be driven with this in mind.
Anyone with a full licence can drive a car/caravan combination without any training!

  Al94 21:22 04 Apr 2007

I see some of you belong to the Jeremy Clarkson charm school!

Not everyone can tow a caravan although generally anyone with a driving licence issued before 1997 can, click here explains it, but if you can understand this easily you are better than I!

There are good caravanners and bad ones just as there are good and bad drivers of private cars, taxis, white van men, articulated lorry drivers, coach drivers etc etc.

I have been a caravanner for 25 years, always maintain my outfit regardless of cost, use a towing vehicle more than capable of towing my van and have covered thousands of miles thankfully without incident. I rarely if ever hold anyone up, obey the speed limits (generally) and get equally frustrated by the carve up merchants on the motorways who just have to overtake you and then practically take off your offside wing as they cut across your bow to exit the motorway. I get equally frustrated by the idiot caravanner with the overloaded badly maintained outfit who can hardly make it up a hill and sways all over the place when he gets a head of steam up.

I pay extra tax for towing, mpg drops dramatically so I use more fuel therefore I pay more. If I am aware that there is traffic building up behind me on for example a hilly twist "B" road, I will always slow and let other pass as soon as the opportunity arises and generally motorists have the manners to acknowledge this.

Please dont tar us all with the same brush.

  Jak_1 21:33 04 Apr 2007

I take your point. However I have had to put up with caravans on the A38 in Devon whilst driving an ambulance with Blues and two's going. The number of times I have been confronted with two of them side by side on a road that is two lanes only and unable to get past them because they have not see nor heard me! Even worse on the Devon country lanes!

  oresome 21:45 04 Apr 2007


If you obey the speed limits, you do hold other drivers up!

Many drivers think that speed limits are advisory, not mandatory and rules don't apply to them anyway. By way of the fact that they are better drivers, have faster reaction times, have superior vehicles etc, they can stretch speed limits by 10 to 20 mph. They can even do it one handed while holding a phone conversation.

Most caravanners are fully aware of the fact they are driving a train weight of two tons or more with a a high capital value and drive with due care. It's a fact they have fewer accidents than solo drivers.

  Forum Editor 21:48 04 Apr 2007

especially since I spent a few nights in one of these:

click here

  Brumas 21:57 04 Apr 2007

That's not a caravan - that's a Des. Res. ;o)

  Forum Editor 22:47 04 Apr 2007

It was quite an experience. It had satellite TV and broadband, and just about every home comfort you could possibly want, including air-conditioning. Very cosy at night, and totally silent, except for one disquieting moment when I heard something snuffling around outside at about 3:00 in the morning.

At over a quarter of a million dollars it ought to be good really.

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