caravan towing

  chass 16:23 10 Oct 2007

as anyone had a problem whilst towing a single axle 4 berth caravan , with 2 single beds at the rear end, like swaying from side to side, or any other promblem I should be aware of before I buy.

  Clapton is God 16:36 10 Oct 2007

Yes, I've had problems when driving down country roads and finding one of these ridiculous contraptions in front of me.

  Stuartli 16:37 10 Oct 2007

The main cause of a caravan swaying (apart from that caused by strong winds) is failing to keep a higher percentage of the overall weight over the tow bar.

  johndrew 16:45 10 Oct 2007

You should always ensure your caravan is nose heavy.

I am aware that some older rear kitchen models had a problem of under balance (being rear heavy) when loaded as the contents of a kitchen (cooker, fridge, sink, etc.,) is heavier than bunks/beds and with the extras put in (food, cutlery, pots, crockery, etc.,) this can cause a problem for the unwary.

However, I have never heard of a 4 berth - which generally has the kitchen near the centre - having this problem unless loaded incorrectly.

I should add that I have owned two 4 berth vans where the configuration was as mentioned above and never experienced a problem in the 20+ years of towing both in the UK and on the continent.

Hope this helps.

  Pamy 17:10 10 Oct 2007

will this be the first time caravan towing or just the first time with this layout?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:22 10 Oct 2007

Road Snails

Been stuck behind thre of them today on the way back from Southampton.

All badly hitched and swaying across two lanes.

The van shold neither be nose o tail heavy it should be levelled befoeattempting to tow.

  mrwoowoo 17:24 10 Oct 2007

As Stuartli says,you need the nose weight to be around the 65kg mark.A set of kitchen scales with a lump of wood propped under the tow bar on the caravan will help to check this. also the weight of your van needs to be less than 85% of your vehicle weight,(ideally -80%).
Most heavy items should all be stowed centrally above the caravan's axle.
If you don't brake heavily and drive sensibly you won't have any problems.

  mrwoowoo 17:33 10 Oct 2007

Yes you do get doughnuts behind caravan wheels who don't have a clue and drive far too slowly.
Also you get "MINI METRO",drivers e.t.c who never go above 30 miles an hour with a senior citizen behind the wheel.
When i used to tow my caravan i always hovered on the speed limit,be it 30 ,50 or 60 m.p.h,and it was always me that was in a procession with a slow driver at the head of the tailback,especially on country roads.
Don't tar everyone with the same brush.

  Pamy 17:48 10 Oct 2007
  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:41 10 Oct 2007

Some good some bad caravan drivers as in most things.

Although can't be as bad as my spelling in the last post ;0)

Not sure what went wrong there.

  Bingalau 19:56 10 Oct 2007

mrwoowoo. "Don't tar everybody with the same brush" is correct. I am now a very upset Senior Citizen even though I don't drive a Mini Metro or a tow a caravan.

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