Car Tax - Red Tape Madness

  Sethhaniel 22:10 05 May 2007

I have found to my disadvantage - with my car failing me yesterday and situations needing a quick solution - I chose the new car to suit the purpose - got insurance quote - and changed to said cover - traded in my wreck - and collected my new car - problem - there was no tax on it -
Post office no good as I didn't have the new insurance certificate in my hand - having changed the cover via phone - - - Phoning DVLA even worse as the change of ownership was in afternoon post from dealer and they also said without the new insurance certificate in my hand.
And even the option of cancelling Insurance and buying local so to get cert in hand no use as by now the Poast Office is closed.
I could not tax it (yet they could check the MOT on line and also INSURANCE -)- So online no use whatever as ownership not there.
So now I am breaking thre law as I had to srive 200 miles - hence the need of car - and will now be out of country for week - having to lay untaxed car up someones drive way - the nrisk the 200 mile return journey - to recieve hard copy of insurance and then Post office for belated Tax Disk - - Have a sticker made to stick in window saying Tax Disk applied for - but that is false as there is no way of applying till said insurance is there- And I can't see any understanding policeman going to be helpful if I am stopped on my return journey --
Any way round -
Would the AA see at as a breakdown and tow it Home with RelayPlus so it is not breaking the law??

  Kev.Ifty 22:42 05 May 2007

So you have the car insured? yes! You also have a current MOT? Yes! Well I would not worry about the tax.

If you get caught by the Fuzz ;-), explain the situation, the worst that can happen - to an honest driver, is you'll have to back date the tax. Which is what you are going to do anyway when the paper work is sorted.

  spuds 22:59 05 May 2007

If you are running on authorised trade plates, then you would be okay. Having a motor vehicle, and not displaying a valid tax disc is breaking the law, and in all possibilities a prosecution will follow.

If you had an accident, then the insurance company could invalidate your cover, because the vehicle is not road legal. Plus a journey of 200 miles, could well be in a numberplate camera checking zone!.

Parking or storing a motor vehicle (even on private property) must still have a tax disc or a SORN marked against it.

  Sethhaniel 11:11 06 May 2007

the amount of cars being bought and sold each day that must come into the same category, that they would have a provisional system in place to make the car 'roadworthy' till such time as the paperwork has time to clear -

So if there is plenty of response to this post showing that I am back Taxing the vehicle till beginning of May as soon as I am able to get hard copy of my certificate - i will print postings out and carry showing my intentions
and pray for good luck on the camera/police front

  WhiteTruckMan 11:49 06 May 2007

When Mrs WTM got a new car I elected to lay up my 4x4 for a while and use her old bus as a daily driver. Fine until I came to re-tax it. mot, fine. Insurance, fine. It was even a proper policy certificate with all the vehicles details on, not a handwritten cover not. But when I went to the PO they refused it as there was not a direct connection between me as the insurer/driver and the vehicle. Really? How about the registration number? no chance! Same story with online tax. Result was I had to register it in my name, thus adding a 50% increase in the number of keepers.


  Forum Editor 12:33 06 May 2007

a system whereby untaxed vehicles could run on the public highway legally would be unworkable. There would be a million excuses offered for the absence of a disc, and confusion would reign.

With 29 million PLG vehicles on the road it's easier to put the onus on the driver and say that any vehicle not displaying a valid disc on the public highway is there illegally. It's an offence not to display the disc, by the way, even if you have it on the passenger seat - it must be in the window.

It's worth knowing that if you live in publicly funded housing (council housing) you may not legally keep an untaxed vehicle on your driveway. or even declare SORN on one - local authorities have successfully prosecuted people who have done so.

  WhiteTruckMan 12:55 06 May 2007

whether a disc is displayed or not. I think the important bit (should be) if you meet the conditions and have paid the money. It should by rights only be of interest to you (the cars keeper), the government (as the recipient of the money) and the police (as the enforcement authorities). With everything on a database it should be a trifle to check if its legal or not. After all, I see it being done remotely by cameras on a motorway bridge on a regular basis. They are using ANPR technology to check a database. they certainly arent looking for a circle of paper stuck somewhere on a piece of dirty glass!


  Forum Editor 13:12 06 May 2007

must be stuck on the glass, otherwise an offence is committed. The law doesn't simply say it's an offence not to pay the tax, it says it's an offence not to display the tax disc, which is directly traceable to a single vehicle by virtue of the number printed there.

Long ago I was required as part of my contract with a client to sit through some appeal cases in the High Court in the Strand. One of the cases related to a man who had been fined for not displaying the disc. His defence was that the disc was attached to the screen of his car when he left it parked on a hot day, and whilst he was away the heat caused the holder to lose its adhesion, and the disc fell onto the dashboard - upside down.

A police officer had noted the absence, and even though the man proved that he had indeed paid the tax he was convicted by a lower court.

The Lord Chief Justice of England (Then Lord Widdgery) denied the appeal, and confirmed that the law was clear - the disc must be displayed or it isn't valid.

  Sethhaniel 14:04 06 May 2007

"a system whereby untaxed vehicles could run on the public highway legally would be unworkable. There would be a million excuses offered for the absence of a disc, and confusion would reign"

If you insure your car your given a cover note - all I am asking is there should be a system in place where you can pay up and get that cover note to get you going till the proper document comes through - there would be no need for excuses as it is a paid up front till the red tape clears for the proper thing.

  WhiteTruckMan 14:16 06 May 2007

1-I wasnt referring to the law as it currently stands. I was voicing my dissatisfaction with the existing situation, and saying what I believe it SHOULD be. (Minor grumble here. I dislike using capitals to emphasise a word. Doesnt create the impression I want to give. Would rather use italics).

2-If the letter of the law requires a tax disc to be fixed to the window then theres a huge amount of trucks and busses driving round breaking the law, as we use standalone holders screwed either to the dash or the 'A' piller to hold tax disc, 'O' licence and sometimes london lorry permits.


  Forum Editor 14:32 06 May 2007

1. I realised that, and I tend to agree - there should be a revision to cope with situations such as the one that started this thread.

2. I was referring to vehicles in the PLG category - lorries and buses are treated differently I believe.

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