Car stolen by the police.

  robgf 01:26 15 Nov 2007

I was driving home tonight and went past one of those police camera cars, as I went past it flashed up "no tax" on the rear screen.
I thought ahah, your computers wrong, as I've got tax. About a mile further on I was waved into the car park of a filling station.

I was then subjected to what can only be described as an interrogation, by a very rude policeman.
He refused to believe I had car tax, despite the disc being on display and took the disc back to his car to check it further.
Eventually he decided the disc was okay. But now he was querying my insurance, saying there was no record. I hadn't got the certificate with me and couldn't remember the insurance company name, as I use the broker in my village and they often swap the insurance provider.
I knew the insurance brokers number, but they had closed, as it was getting quite late.
So despite having a valid tax disc, the MOT certificate was in the glove compartment and I had my driving licence on me, I was informed that my car would be confiscated.
I asked if I could just take my insurance certificate into the police station in the morning and was told, yes you need to do that, but it is policy to tow away the vehicle. This despite them having positive identification of me, so I could hardly run away.

So I watched my fiesta be loaded (not very gently) on to a truck and disappear into the night and I was left standing in the freezing cold, on a dual carriageway, 50 miles from home, with about £15 and unable to raise anyone to come and get me on my mobile.
Fortunately a nice van driver gave me lift to within a couple of miles of home (thanks Mike, I gave him the £15).

So now I'm going to have to spend a good three hours in the morning taking my details into the station and getting a work mate to give me a lift to collect my car. And apparently I have to pay over a £100 to get my car back.

I will admit that I'm well and truly p****d off with the police. They could see I had no previous convictions for anything and that all my details were correct, yet they were just bloody minded and vindictive.

I used to fairly supportive of the police, but if this is how they conduct themselves, I will never support them again.

  picklsey 05:20 15 Nov 2007

i can see why your angry and i don,t blame you, as far as i,m concerned i agree with you it is nothing short of legalised theft.the motorist is in a no win situation we are advised not to carry important papers in the car,in case it,s stolen.and i thought blackmail was illegal in this country,because that is all it up or we crush your car.

i would agree with what they were doing if when you went to the police station and showed all the documents that you were given your car back with no fee to pay,after all you have not commited any offence.but yet again because data is not kept up to date (through no fault of the motorist)you are made to feel like a criminal when you have done nothing wrong.

  Monoux 06:20 15 Nov 2007

A complaint to the Police Complaints Commission seems in order here and go for compensation too

  interzone55 09:22 15 Nov 2007

Whilst I have every sympathy with you the police are also in a no-win situation here.

If you had no valid insurance and had an accident between leaving the police and getting home they would have serious problems explaining why they let you go.

Instead of using a local broker who only works 9 - 5, try getting a quote from one of the big brokers who work 24/7. I use Tesco and get good service whenever I contact them.

  ventanas 09:24 15 Nov 2007

Personally I would first of all write to the Chief Superintendent for the area and make a formal complaint, and I would also make an immediate appointment with my solicitor. Its not your fault that the police computer information is garbage. It was wrong about the tax as well as the insurance. Did you get the officers' number by any chance? It is no wonder that crime detection is useless if this is all the police can waste their time with.

  p;3 09:37 15 Nov 2007

I would query that they were actually police officers

I wonder if you did note their Shoulder numbers?

check with the local station to see if this incident IS on record;

conversely it is quite possible that a clone of your number plate is out there somewhere and YOU ' got done' for IT?

if all this IS legit then you I beleive have grounds for a complaint

  p;3 09:42 15 Nov 2007

ooppss ,lets try that link again click here

  georgemac © 11:01 15 Nov 2007

If this happened to me I would also be truly outraged - the least they could have done is offer to follow you to your house and get you to produce the insurance certificate there and then

Before the days of the database you used to get up to 5 days to produce your documents at your local police station, and it is no fault of yours if the records on the database are incorrect or not up to date - you have no control of this whatsoever.

In your shoes I would also be making a formal complaint about how you were treated

It seems being a good law-abiding citizen counts for little these days. Did your experience not traumatise you - perhaps you should seek physciatric help and damages - this would probably be forthcoming from social services!

  Totally-braindead 11:27 15 Nov 2007

Most of my family were Police officers and are all now retired. I think you were treated very badly and if it was me I too would be making a complaint and I would be looking for compensation as well.
If a member of my family had done this to someone I would be disgusted with them.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 11:36 15 Nov 2007

Thank your lucky stars that you were not the son of a Brazilian bricklayer.


  TonyM 11:46 15 Nov 2007

To correct Ventenas who says "Its not your fault that the police computer information is garbage" ... the information on car insurance is held on the Motor Insurance Database (MID) which is run by the Motor Insurers themselves - so putting aside the complaint about Police action, the complaint about accuracy of data should be made to your motor insurer in the first instance.

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