Car scrappage scheme contradiction?

  tein 11:13 29 May 2009

Hello what a lovely day it is!

Whats your oppinion on this story, Last week it was UnPopular Now this.?
It doesnt make any sense?

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& now this.?

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  OTT_Buzzard 11:28 29 May 2009

Until the monthly sales figures are publshed there is no way of telling the effect it has had. Even then, last month was very short because there were an nevitable amount of buyers who were waiting for the scheme to be introduced. Because the scheme was ntroduced 'mid month' June's sales will give a better picture.

Year on year, July's sales will show how the industry as a whole is faring in the UK as it was July 2008 when sales collapsed.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 12:21 29 May 2009

'Ministers believe those cars would not have been sold had it not been for the financial incentive' You really believe this guff after the last few weeks. Anything that comes from that shower and the reptile Mandelson is to be treated with caution. If he told me today was Friday I would not believe him.

The car scrappage scheme just confirms my belief that a lot of people in this country are truly simple and are begging to be led by the big rings in their noses. Ford, Hyundai and VW raised their car prices at least twice prior to the announcement of the scheme and at a time when sales were declining (shome coincidence shurely). Dealers in the scheme take the price off the FULL retail of a new car (and there is not a full choice of colours or cars). Many dealers are using the scheme to get shut of naff colours or naff styles and they restrict the choice of cars. Now, even the most dense person in this country has never paid the full retail for a new car for years and now, if you want to buy a new car, there are huge discounts available, just front up to the salesman and squeeze hard.

It does my heart good to know that MY taxes are being used so that people can purchase pregnant roller skates or Euro boxes from Hyundai, Fiat, Pug, Renault and VW which I believe are not made in the UK. So, apart from supporting the bankers, single young mothers, the workshy, various UK industries etc., etc., I am now supporting foreign workers. John Maynard Keynes must be spinning like a drill in his grave.

  jack 12:29 29 May 2009

I must confess to not having paid much attention as I am not in a replacement car market, so I may be mistaken.
The scheme it seems is to take a 10 year old to a showroom- and get 2K off the price of your new car.
Is this 2k off the Manufacturers list price?
Many offers give more than this as discount any way.
So is this a little bit of a 'Sale Time' game?
Item must have been on offer at a higher price for 28 days- in the Outer Hebrides Branch for example -
before the lower price can be called a 'Sale/discount item.'

  Quickbeam 13:21 29 May 2009

The same point as originally made still holds true. Not many people at all that buy new cars keep them 10 years.

The only person I know to benefit from this is my mechanic. he has a 18 year old Sierra, that he's had from new, that he uses as a 'mobile shed'. He is now replacing the said mobile shed with his newer car from new (only 8 years old) and replacing that with with a new one.

  jack 15:10 29 May 2009

Quickbeam wrote
'Not many people at all that buy new cars keep them 10 years.'
All my cars is the past 30 years have been kept until they become a smoking ruin 12 /15 years in a couple of cases
My current car Y-01 has just clocked up 30k and had yesterday a fault free MOT- adding only 5k miles to last years total- So I guess as I now more than halfway through my eighth decade- the scheme is purely academic to me.

  OTT_Buzzard 15:23 29 May 2009

Quickbeam wrote
'Not many people at all that buy new cars keep them 10 years.'

To me is that the majorty of people who own a 10 year old car would have bought them second hand and probably wouldn't be in the market for a new car anyway.

the only reason the scheme worked so well in Germany is because it applied to cars more than 12 months old, targetting the very people who buy new cars.

Damned government


Unemployed car designer. Grrrrr.

  spuds 18:55 29 May 2009

Its turning out to be another one of those 'incentive' farces. Most of the dealers in my area could do a £2000 off deal previously, without all red tape attached.

In fact some of them are not advertising the scheme very well, so it perhaps shows what their opinion of the scheme is already!.

  ened 07:24 30 May 2009

A large percentage og dealerships get their business from 'Fleet' sales.

We are in a deep recession and the large purchasers are not buying as much or as often as they used to.

I think it is almost fair to say that without the fleet sales most large cae dealerships would be in serious trouble.

This scheme is yet another example of this wretched government struggling to appear to be doing something without giving much away.

As GANDALF <|:-)> has intimated the people who are taking advantage of this are actually being taken advantage of themselves!

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