Car repairs at Home.

  birdface 14:36 03 Apr 2011

Can anyone tell me if it is legal to carry out car repairs from home.
I have two chaps that do car repairs straight across the road from me from different houses.
One who keeps the cars to a minimum and is polite and helpful and the other a jack the lad who doesn't care if he is blocking my exit and my neighbours and a couldn't care less attitude.
With sometimes 5 or 6 cars parked on the road/pavement.
I can usually get by Ok during the day but finding it a bit more difficult trying to get into my driveway at night.
I don't mind anyone making a few £s extra doing car repairs but it is getting a bit out of control at the moment.
The other chap has also got friends that come round and work on cars when he is not about.
The problem is how do you stop one from carrying out repairs without stopping the other.
Jack the lad has a bit of a reputation and has been a nuisance since moving in about 3-4 years ago.
Somehow I think this is one that cannot be resolved so may have to put up with it.
Just thought that I would ask your opinions with this problem and maybe find ways to resolve it.

  Chris the Ancient 14:57 03 Apr 2011

What an awful position to be in. I presume you've talked to the about the noise, distress and un-neighbourly situation.

OK, I shall be vindictive!

Does the local council know that the 'less nice' person is operating a business from home? It could affect his Community Charge.

Do the Benefits office have records on these people? Are they receiving any benefits that would probably be withheld if the truth came out?

Does HMRC know that (probably) there is earning going on without being declared?

Are they causing a health and safety or fire hazard.

And all backed up with photographs or videos?

Yup, I know it's vindictive, nasty and everything else under the sun; but it is not really the sort of thing that should be carried out in a housing are. Just accumulate the evidence in a secret, anonymous and underhand manner and report the matter.

  johndrew 15:04 03 Apr 2011

If a dwelling (or part of it) is used for business the local council need to know as the premises used need to be registered for local rate charges and to check suitability.

It is also likely there is a need for insurance to cover injury, damage, loss or whatever to third parties as a result of the function; this in addition to normal insurance to cover employees if applicable.

If access to your property is being restricted there is likely to be an offence being committed. You may like to look at click here

  johndrew 15:08 03 Apr 2011

As an extra aside, it is an offence to park a vehicle on a footpath. It is also illegal to drive on footpaths and to park there it is necessary to drive.

  TopCat® 15:10 03 Apr 2011

or servicing cars belonging to me and my family only, but someone local 'shopped' me! Considering what would have happened to me, if they had not proved my explanation from the neighbours, then the following could possibly happen to these people.

If the relevant authorities get to hear of it then they would soon pay a visit. Depending on circumstances and local public opinion, permissions may or not be given but if given, then the operators would be classed as a business and taxed accordingly. TC.

  uk-wizard 15:19 03 Apr 2011

I believe it is an offence to repair cars on the road. I would have a word with your local council environmental health officer.(or the local dept Work and Pensions if he is making a 'job' of it)

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  Kevscar1 16:07 03 Apr 2011

As long as the nice guys and the nasty guy aren't friends have a word with the nice one and explain you are fed up with the other one ad are going to report him as you feel there is no other choice. Say you are informing him so he can keep cars away for a couple of weeks as you have no beef with him.
Then report the other one.

  birdface 16:37 03 Apr 2011

Silly isn't it if someone has parked on your driveway entrance and you can't get in the police will take no action.
But if the same car is parked on your driveway exit and you want to get out they will take action.
As I thought it looks like I would need to notify the Council for any action to be taken.
As I do not want to get the other chap into trouble, I don't really want to contact the council my only hope is that one of them may decide to move back from where they came from.
But all suggestions are welcome in case I change my mind.
There are only two houses on my side of the road so it would not take a genius to figure out who reported him.
Not the sort of person you would want as an enemy.

  birdface 16:46 03 Apr 2011

I have thought of that one but as they are neighbors they do talk to each other.
You know the type good guy bad Guy situation.
Both have moved here from Milton Keynes probably did not know each other but I don't know for sure.

  namtas 18:52 03 Apr 2011

Before doing anything,you must consider the consequences of any action that you take, you have to continue to live there.

If I may suggest, I would consult to find out what the local bye-laws are re3lating to this situation and then write to your local council stipulating that your details are for notification only and must not be given to a third parey without your consent in writing.

  timsmith259 19:06 03 Apr 2011

I would report jacky the lady woops to the council straight away hes got no right to intimidate you or threaten you or be nuisance. Contact the council or contact your local Councillor MP

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