car repairs Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

  daisy2bell 08:38 12 Apr 2007

My wife's clutch burn out last week, and I had to tow her back. I dropped her off at "Mr Clutch", told them what the problem was, and was given a price for a new clutch. The fitter then went to drive the car into the workshop, and then told me that it was the gearbox and that we needed a new one.I asked "are you sure about that" he replied yes, and that is is a weak spot in our model of car. I got suspicious at this point. I asked for a price and was quoted £690 for new clutch and gearbox. I said I neede time to think.
Towed the car to our usual garage, but they could not do it until tuesday (day after easter monday) but gave us a loan car. I didn't mention anything about what "Mr Clutch" had said.
Collected the car yesterday and all it needed was a new clutch, new gear selector and a couple of small bits.
So I have emailed "Mr Clutch" at their headquaters and told them that I would be contacting trading standards.
I wonder how many people would have just gone ahead and had the repair done.

  MichelleC 08:50 12 Apr 2007

Reminds me of the days when a certain exhaust company's fitters used to sell 'extras' by telling you your shock absorbers were almost gone, or the good part of the exhaust needed replacing too when they were okay.

  HondaMan 08:58 12 Apr 2007

cars, a little technical know-how is very useful. There are still sharks about and the car industry if full of them.

Years ago, we would be taught the basic theory of most things by our fathers and what to look for when things went wrong, but as time has gone by and other life-pressures have taken over, that expertise has largely been lost.

Well done, you, for sticking to your own judgment about it.

  namtas 16:43 12 Apr 2007

Just perhaps slight caution, before you run of to make your official complaint run the car a few miles just to make sure that Mr Usual Garage has in fact fixed the problem permantly with the selector and the small bits and that Mr Clutch solution was in fact overkill.

In defence of Mr Clutch perhaps he does not repair gearboxes and hence he had two solutions the replacement or to tell you to go elsewhere.

  SB23 17:27 12 Apr 2007

I've always believed that the "larger" companies will always try and add "extras" onto the bill.

An example of which happened not so long ago to me and my R reg Escort.
A slight running issue, where by it would try and stall everytime I stoped at a junction or lights, started to get on my nerves. Took it to a main dealer, and was politely told that they would have to diagnose the car at an unbelievable amount, also it could be the engine management system in which case it would be over £400.
Spoke to a friend in the trade, diagnosed a faulty exhaust valve, £20 later all was cured.

Who only knows what it could have cost me if I had told the dealer to go ahead.
Always pays to get a second opinion.

  pj123 17:47 12 Apr 2007

I have just been told by my local Toyota dealer that the clutch on my Corolla is "juddering".

I rang Mr Clutch who quoted 199.99 for a complete supply and fit.

My local Toyota dealer is quoting £551.33 but with my Loyalty discount they will do it for £381.21

  laurie53 08:52 13 Apr 2007

I wish I hadn't read this thread.

My car is in for a service next Tuesday!


  Monoux 09:13 13 Apr 2007

"My wife's clutch burn out last week" Shouldn't you have taken her to the doctors not a garage ?

  HondaMan 09:59 13 Apr 2007

Are you sure. If you didn't feel it, is it there?

  pj123 12:05 13 Apr 2007

HondaMan, although it is my car I haven't driven it for ages. A relative is using it and as you know a regular driver doesn't always feel "wear and tear".

I took it out for quite a long drive yesterday and as far as I am concerned there is nothing wrong with it. I even held it on the clutch on a hill with no juddering or slipping at all.

I was in the trade myself for 10 years but not as a mechanic, I was an auto electrician. I do have two friends who are mechanics and they are both going to give their opinion over the weekend.

  josie mayhem 13:41 13 Apr 2007

It's hard to trust any garage, even if you've used them for many years....

A work colleague of mine, who was a single mum booked her car in for the yearly full service, out come of the service was a £500 bill, part of the cost was labour when they tried to get the rocker head off and snapped the bolts, which had to be drilled out etc....

But to add insult to injury, paid the bill the service report said all in order... She then booked her car in for it's M.O.T for the following fortnight, why she didn't have it's M.O.T done at the time of the service not sure...

She, well all off us assumed that the car would get it's M.O.T with no problems has it had just had a full service and spent a fortnight sat on her drive with the exception of two shopping trips... We were all taken back when she phoned to see when she could pick her car up... They wanted another £400 to get the car through it's M.O.T!!!!

According to the garage it had faulty break system and most had to be replaced to comply with M.O.T regulations/standards....

We did try to get her to go to trading standards as this should have if needed have been pointed out in the full service that she had paid for the fortnight before....... But she had used the garage for many years so felt that they must be right!!!!

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