Car lights

  hzhzhzhz 12:48 02 Sep 2006

Well,as the longer nights and inclement weather are now with us,out come the brigade of drivers who insist on driving on sidelights in poor driving conditions. Also the drivers who have those misaligned headlights which hit your eyes like a welding torch even when dipped.
Very annoying and also very dangerous.

  pj123 13:09 02 Sep 2006

Yes, I agree. Have you also noticed that most of the offending vehicles are less than 3 years old so do not need an MOT?

I think every vehicle should be subject to an MOT every year, new or not.

  jack 14:27 02 Sep 2006

Many cars have adjustable headlight- actuated by a control on the dash- very easily knocked and thus putting lights out of true.
Another annoying thing are those drives that do noy illuminated when other have.
I have in the past sveral times made to move out a side turning- judging my chance by the light of vehicles in the distance only to find -fortunately before mischief is caused another vehicle- unlit close up, and usually travelling at speed, totally maked by those distand kights

  Bingalau 14:29 02 Sep 2006

pj123 Maybe so but the owner should not have to pay for it. It should be done during the first three years for free. I remember when MOT's first came out and we were told they would only cover the basics like brakes and tyres. The price would stay low too. Now you fail even if you have a faulty indicator lamp. I'm not saying that's wrong. In fact I am all for MOT's. But the cost of them is something else. ..Bingalau..

  wiz-king 16:57 02 Sep 2006

Back in the old days (60s) the headlight fittings on some cars had a skillfully placed bit of plastic which refracted a small amount of light from the light back to the driver to show the light was working. I am sure this idea could be modernised with a bit of fibre optic cable back to the dashboard so the driver could see the lights are working. A current sensing relay or its solid state equivalent could also be used to link to your satnav to give a message 'your headlamp has gone bust!'.

  spuds 17:23 02 Sep 2006

Car lights seem to come in different varieties nowadays. Orange glow, silver glow, blue glow seems to be the in thing around my area.

The thing that I allow caution for, is the use of indicators. Some seem to work, others do not. Could this be the fault of the driver or some underlying scheme to save energy and the environment!.

  Diemmess 18:20 02 Sep 2006

Orange glow = Original tungsten filament like house lamps
Silver Glow = Quartz halogen like one time projector bulbs
Blue glow = Xenon lamps - expensive extra on upmarket cars.

wiz-king Joseph Lucas used the reflective insert on free standing headlights.
Similar repeaters whether electronic or fibre optics wont happen until the masses demand and are prepared to pay extra for this.

  rdave13 20:37 02 Sep 2006

Don't know if anyone's noticed but I think the police vehicles headlights always seem brighter than others, even on dip.

  Pressure_tester 20:54 02 Sep 2006

May I raise the subject of the subtended angle of the light!
That is the visible size of the headlight as seen by another driver. The old headlights used to be about 200mm and after time one could judge the distance of the vehicle by the visible size of the light in the dark.
Now the likes of BMW have the 70mm 'blob' of a lens which gives the impression that the vehicle is much further away.
That concentrates the mind when it is not! Squeezed cheeks et al.

  hzhzhzhz 22:20 02 Sep 2006

I was travelling down one of the narrower roads recently at night and saw a motorcycle coming in the opposite direction. At the last moment I realised it was a car with the drivers side headlight not working. A bit of a scare.

  amateurann 22:53 02 Sep 2006

Some folks can't seem to find the off switches for their fog lamps either. Usually the one's with the dodgy headlamps

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