Car Insurance Renewal

  pcmags 15:14 14 Jan 2009

OK, so had the fun of using all the various comparison sites to find the best deal for my car insurance due next month.

My current insurance company have offered a very good price.
Can only get a better deal by £3 by going elsewhere.
Seems Churchill want to keep me as a customer!

  birdface 15:25 14 Jan 2009

Well tell them you can get it cheaper elsewhere and see what they say.Mind you I would not tell them it is only £3 unless they ask.Worth a try I suppose.

  dagbladet 15:42 14 Jan 2009

For £3 i'd stay put just to save hassle. Mind you I've never had a renewal quote that came close to the new customer prices.

  pcmags 15:53 14 Jan 2009

They (Churchill) obviously want to keep me as a customer.
In the past the renewal difference has been anything up to £40.
But as the saving is so low i will probably stay with them.

That said my inbox is getting full with emails from the comparison sites i used!

  carver 16:12 14 Jan 2009

I use Churchill and can't fault them, my last car was hit 5 times in 3 years and received very good service from them.

A friend of ours has just had her car stolen and she was insured with another firm, saved herself about £30 less than Churchill quoted, only trouble is they don't provide any replacement car while hers is missing.

  birdface 18:33 14 Jan 2009

Well the way things are running at the moment.Any business cannot afford to turn away customers.So they will always try to keep you on board by offering a low price.Gone are the days when it was take it or leave it.We are in charge now.

  oresome 19:18 14 Jan 2009

Dream on buteman!

A friend with a blocked drain spent all yesterday on the phone trying to get a plumber out.

  polish 19:43 14 Jan 2009

i had two vehicles with churchill and saved over £100 pounds with direct line both vehicles due about the same time when i phoned churchill they wanted to price match told them no chance should have offered me a better price to start with.

  Kevscar1 20:14 14 Jan 2009

My wife was insured with Churchill. Reveresed ut of a parking spot and hit the from bumper of a bus coming round the corner. Not a mark on the bus and a 5p size mark on her bumper. Told Churchill who said not to worry. 4 months later Churchill told us the Bus Company was claiming for £900 in damages.
Told Police who stated it sounded like a Fraudulent claim and I was to get Churchill to forward all documents to themto investigate so I phoned Churchill and asked them to forward everything and not pay out until the Police.
2 months later I phoned Churchillto ask why the police had not got the paperwork and was told they had paid out £900 for damage to the rear of the Bus. Police said as Churchill had paid out it was now a Civil matter.
No matter how cheap they become I would never use them again

  birdface 20:50 14 Jan 2009

We have a local plumber that we sort of know.If an emergency he will come out as soon as he can.Anything else you have to wait in the queue.Like you said very hard to get one.

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