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  exdragon 12:59 29 Nov 2007

Afternoon - following my recent acquisition (Ford Ka - no jokes about its size please, I've heard them all!) I need to insure it. I've told my present company about it and paid the additional premium to to the renewal date of 5 Jan.

I never really bothered shopping around for insurance before, but have logged on to Confused, Uswitch and Moneysupermarket and am subsequently bemused by the disparity in the quotes for what appears to be a broadly similar level of cover. Whatever I go for seems to be lower than my current £235, but does anyone here have any favourite companies, or any good/bad experiences with the bigger companies?

I realise it's up to me to make a decision, but your help is usually constructive and helpful in every other area!

  GANDALF <|:-)> 13:20 29 Nov 2007

I swear by Confused. It is a bit long winded to fill in the forms but once filled in they will be remembered. I saved £100 and got my insurance down from £260 to £160, fully comp, for a much bigger car than yours. The only difference is that I do not have a legal helpline (never used one in years), I have to pay the first £250 instead of £225 and there is no Roadside assistance but I get this with my bank account. If all the prices you get are similar to the one that you have I would be tempted to stay with it if they are OK. I think £235 is very, very expensive for a Ka but I suppose it is all down to age, points, area etc.


  TopCat® 13:32 29 Nov 2007

I agree with GANDALF <|:-)> on this.

Have used for some years now and have always found a reputable company that asks a fair price for the coverage I require. I also remember to check the 'small print' of each insurer before finalising the deal. TC.

  oresome 13:34 29 Nov 2007

As with most things, new customers can get keener prices than existing ones. The price will then creep up year on year.

The true worth of any insurance is only found when and if you come to need it and having a few years with one company may improve your treatment..........although I have no evidence to support that belief.

  exdragon 13:46 29 Nov 2007

I think it's pretty expensive too, named driver, over 60, up to 5000 miles a year, clean licence, social only. I've got free Ford Assistance for the first year, so don't need recovery either.

I guess it's as you say, check the small print. Saga comes out well, at £133-odd but I haven't checked all the exclusions yet. Oh well, I suppose I've got a bit of time yet.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 14:14 29 Nov 2007

'named driver, over 60, up to 5000 miles a year, clean licence, social only'...Ye gods! At least Dick Turpin had a horse.


  Pamy 16:41 29 Nov 2007

I would suggest that you get the best quote you can off the internet, print it out then take it to your local "Insurance Broker" and ask them if they can do better, mine did

  anskyber 16:54 29 Nov 2007 (gosh it does take some filling in!) seems very good having just used it. The price it came up with as the cheapest is almost identical to my own insurance company which in turn was the lowest I could find at the time.

I shall revisit next time.

Incidentally my insurance was arranged by my bank which is HSBC.

  exdragon 17:34 29 Nov 2007

Hmm - things to think about! Thanks. I'll leave this open til tomorrow.

  skeletal 19:22 29 Nov 2007

Some points:
Size of car is only one small (!) part of the equation of insurance price. Far more important is your age, sex, and where you live. A few years back when my son was 18 we looked at getting something like a Fiat Panda for about £300, insuring it 3rd party only, and never driving it (i.e. mileage per year = 0!); just to get a no claims discount. We were quoted over £2000.

We’ve looked at and it hasn’t “won” for us. It is worth looking at others, and as Pamy says, also check with brokers.

The cheapest almost certainly won’t be the best, but you will never know unless you are unfortunate enough to make a claim. I would much rather pay £235 rather than, say, £150 if the £150 gave me a load of hassle in the event of a claim. Indeed, being used to figures between £500 and £6000 make me think £235 is a bargain!!!

Some insurance companies sound very British, but are in fact based in India. A neighbour found this out to his cost...all the usual stories about useless Indian call centres applied perfectly to the unfortunate fellow.

Different companies want to encourage different strata of society at different times; thus the ridiculous quote of £6000 I once had merely indicated that company did not want “my sort” of driver. At other times, they may suddenly decide to attract “my sort” and could do deals at £400.

Whatever you chose...good luck!


  g0nvs 21:00 29 Nov 2007

Best deal I have had for the last two years is with SAGA. KA 1.3 fully comp, low annual mileage etc etc £130.

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