Car insurance

  SANTOS7 17:42 25 Nov 2006

O.K guys got a second car, how do you use it, just a
run about, going to and from work, hows it insured!!
Thats what i was doing till last evening, my son is a named driver,had car last night picked up some friends, one of which he didn't know very well, went to another mates to listen to some music, one of them ask's my son for car keys to get CD out of car,all quite innocent!!
Procedes then to steal car, joy ride around neighbourhood at speed and crash my car into side of someones house.
To save money car only insured THIRD PARTY, so now reduced to ONE car family.
If you don't think it can happen to you (i didn't), how well prepared are you really...

  spuds 18:00 25 Nov 2006

My worry would more likely be one of not a one car family, but how or who will pay for any damage, and any possible pending implications that may arise from this incident.

Talking about insurance, a friend of mine owns a garage business, and just over a month ago he paid out for next years insurance cover via his usual insurance broker, who he as used for many years. They recommended another insurance company this year, so he took the brokers advice as per usual. Last week, he was told the insurance company had ceased trading a week earlier and as such he and his business no longer had insurance. Long story, but the heart ache is definitely easing at present, in trying to clear up the mess.

  SANTOS7 18:10 25 Nov 2006

I understand what your saying Spuds,and my worry is certainly that now i am a one car family but the procedures i must follow to get recompence.
The course of action i have is to make a civil claim against this individual, which i intend to do, i have spoken to my insurance people who MAY be able to do something for me and i have a contact number for the Motor Insuranc bureau who deal with this sort of thing.

  Mr Mistoffelees 19:47 25 Nov 2006

I have no idea how your son will stand in this, but I would assume the driver is responsible for the damage he has caused.

  SANTOS7 19:54 25 Nov 2006

My son has been completely vindicated and is a victim of this persons unanswerable actions when they decided to race off in his car and as far as i am aware has accepted full responsability for their actions. Not much else you can do when your arrested at the scene of the accident.
Its just a stark reminder how the innocent suffer and the inconvenience they have to go through for the actions of some mindless individual..

  namtas 22:36 25 Nov 2006

For under £20 per year you get full cover against unisured losses, pity that you did not have this.

With this you could sit back and allow others to reclaim all your unisured losses

extract from one company

"This low cost policy protects you against uninsured losses, provides up to £50,000 of legal costs in the event of an accident and covers your excess in the event of a non-fault claim".

  SANTOS7 22:38 25 Nov 2006

We live and learn namtas, there will be a means to an end but it is going to take some time i fear..

  sean-278262 23:23 25 Nov 2006

Is this person paying for their damage? That is a shocking story. Live and learn as you say. One of the reasons I have a wheel lock key on a separate chain so i can give the ingition key but they cant go anywhere.

  sean-278262 23:25 25 Nov 2006

I didn't say that to well. Is the person saying they will do anything to sort it?

  SANTOS7 23:49 25 Nov 2006

They have no choice, apart from being charged with aggravated TWOC, being twice the legal D/D limit, haveing no licence, NO BRAINS, he only said he was going to my sons car to get a music CD that he had left there when my son picked him up earlier in the evening, think he's in a spot of bother don't you!!!

  wee eddie 01:31 26 Nov 2006

I would doubt that he has any ability to pay for anything. Taking someone, who has no money, to court will only cost you money.

I'm afraid that you will have to get the recompense from your son, who gave him the key and is therefor responsible for what followed, as it is unlikely to be provable that he took the car without permission.

By the way, was this youngster alone in the car or were there others with him?

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