Car electrics anyone?

  dagbladet 09:55 10 Jul 2007

On impulse i've just bought a fag lighter 3 socket adapter at Aldi. Like all impulse buys I haven't really thought through what i'm going to do with it yet. An example might be, running the sat-nav, whilst charging my phone, whilst the little fella plays his game-boy. Now i've never really understood Amps, Ohms, Volts etc.

Do any techie types have any idea how much power these things can provide before the headlights go out or I blow all my electrics?

  spuds 13:12 10 Jul 2007

I tend to get rather nervous when I see the comparison between some of the various thickness's of the lead cable on these devices.Nothing better than the smell of something overheating!.

Similar devices a £1 at Poundland. Seem to work okay on running 2 12volt x 55watt commercial standard hazard beacons with occasional 12volt 20watt goose-neck interior white lamp.

  Spark6 16:06 10 Jul 2007

The safe load is dependent on the fuse protecting the *fag-lighter*.
For instance, the Citroen Xantia has a 20amp fuse protecting the lighter while the Ford Granada has a 30amp fuse protecting the lighter plus the heated seats. In both cases the wiring is heavy enough to carry the current.

Check the handbook for your car and add up the current ratings of the three devices.

  dagbladet 16:25 10 Jul 2007

"Check the handbook for your car and add up the current ratings of the three devices"

Whilst I am grateful for the informed response, I refer the honorouble responder to my original point '... i've never really understood Amps, Ohms, Volts etc....'

Am I right then in saying that current rating is measured in Amps? and the sum total of the three devices must not exceed the fuse rating or the fuse will blow?

  spuds 16:55 10 Jul 2007

I believe it goes something like this: Volt divided by wattage equals amperage.

  amonra 17:01 10 Jul 2007

Watts = volts X amps

  interzone55 17:26 10 Jul 2007

I would say that Sat Nav + Phone + Game Boy would be OK, especially as I use a similar device to power my laptop, which draws about 60w and many people use them for TVs and stuff.

  octal 17:34 10 Jul 2007

What does it say in the blurb? If you can tell us what it says in the instructions we'll be able to advise.

  postie24 18:43 10 Jul 2007

is safe to use on a 3 way cig lighter adaptor,none of the mentioned items draw enough current to cause any problems with that circuit.

  laurie53 20:03 10 Jul 2007

The fuse will protect the system.

I run a satnav, laptop, coolbox, wheelchair battery charger (via an inverter) and a PDA.

The fuse has only blown once, when the wheelchair batts were quite low and the initial surge of current was too much (I have now fitted a slo blo fuse).

  Stuartli 20:25 10 Jul 2007

Providing you only use the sockets to light three cigarettes at a time you should be OK...:-)

You could, in fact, have bought a quadruple sockets version:

click here

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