Car electric windows problem

  VNAM75 13:25 16 Jun 2008

The 4 electric windows on my mk1 focus will not work by pressing the button on the door, but it works from the key fob so the motor is not broken.

The only thing I can think of is the fuse but I'm not an electrical expert. Does anyone know what I should check for?

The rear wiper is also broken. It used to move about a quarter turn but now it doesn't move at all. I can hear a clicking noise at the fuse box so I don't know if its that or the motor as well. Is this part of the mot?

  tullie 13:27 16 Jun 2008

have you done the obvious,and checked the fuse?

  interzone55 13:51 16 Jun 2008

Your wipers will be part of the MOT - so they need to be fixed.

if you don't know what you're doing It's best to get the car round to an auto-electrician.

If you want to do it yourself get a copy of the Haynes manual

click here

Your library may well have a copy...

  tullie 14:24 16 Jun 2008

My rear wiper was broken,so i took it off,no problem with mot

  jack 14:28 16 Jun 2008

That says the motor and general electrics are OK
Internal switch then is either defunct or disconnected.
Auto electrician is the way to go.

  interzone55 14:29 16 Jun 2008

Isn't the law wonderful - if it's there & broken you fail your MOT, but there is not legal requirement for a rear wiper so it doesn't matter if you remove it.

I nearly mentioned that, but the electric windows is a more serious problem, so suggested the Haynes manual for help fixing both issues...

  pj123 14:51 16 Jun 2008

Rear screen wipers and washers (fitted or not) are not part of the MOT.

I got conned 2 years ago (because I didn't know any better) when they did an MOT and rang me to say my rear screen wipers weren't working, would I like them to fix it.

They didn't say that it wouldn't affect the MOT and, naturally, I assumed that if they weren't working it would fail.

I said yes and it cost me £160 altogether.

  VNAM75 16:13 16 Jun 2008

I changed the fuse and the electric windows work now. £1.50 for 2. I was thinking it was something more serious/complicated. What Could have caused the fuse to blow? It was working the night before but then in the morning it did not. I didn't do anything that could have affceted the electrics in any way. Could it occur again? The fuse replaced relates to the electric windows and rear wiper.

The rear wipers have gone back to what they were before: turn about half way each time you switch them on/off. Can't be bothered with it really. So is that a mechanical fault or is it seized up in the motor/hinge..? From what I know the mot tests the drivers forward view of the road not rear. I may take it off at mot or ask them beforehand.

My central locking is also bust (from a while ago) and it doesn't work with the fob or key. There's a click sound though at the door. And I don't know where to access the fuse because it says its at the "back" of the fuse box which i don't know how/can't to get to. Anyone mk1 focus owners help? Its fuse no. 63 below the passenger side of the fascia.

  jack 16:39 16 Jun 2008

Age probably - in which case check out the rest of them.
Or at some a strain on the motor- something sticking the glass preventing free movement- built up muck won't stop it closing but make it laboured and cause a resistance cauaing the fuse to heat up.
Central locking actuators on the door lock are also prone to damp and muck- it is s clicking that means circuit is OK
Try taking door panel off and lubricating the unit.

  BT 17:25 16 Jun 2008

Rear wipers are NOT part of the MOT as has been said. The MOT tester told me they weren't bothered if I couldn't see where I'd been, as long as I could see where I was going.

My rear wiper stopped working because the wires in the 'bendy' bit that leads the power into the rear hatchback door had broken with the constant flexing every time the door was opened. Fixed them with some crimped connectors, along with a couple of others that looked a bit worn.

  Bingalau 19:49 16 Jun 2008

Dare I suggest WD40? Administered in the correct place of course.

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