Car doors - the future?

  Curio 18:46 06 Mar 2009

How much on the price of a new car to implement this whiz idea?
click here

  oresome 18:56 06 Mar 2009

One snag I can see is if it's raining and just the driver needs to get out. The back seat passenger gets wet.

  Mr Mistoffelees 19:13 06 Mar 2009

So what happens if you leave the lights on and the battery runs flat?

  jack 20:20 06 Mar 2009

The door retract into the body shell then is covered by a flap.
The bottom of the body at sill level is a good place to collect water and mud-Hmmm

  Stuartli 00:05 07 Mar 2009

>>The bottom of the body at sill level is a good place to collect water and mud-Hmmm>>

Isn't that what happens every time it rains?

Still, if you live in a country where rain is the exception rather than the rule, it would appear to be a sound idea.

But not one to try out in a Range Rover on the Solihull off-road course...:-)

  Stuartli 00:11 07 Mar 2009

As this was first posted on YouTube about nine months ago, could be a case of shutting the stable door after the horse has bolted?

  jack 09:20 07 Mar 2009

After the grot has got in and the only way of ingress/egress is a tin opener ;-}

  Quickbeam 09:28 07 Mar 2009

unless the door is a canvas roll-up door, it would have to swing down to a horizontal plane, sticking out side ways to an equal distance of it's height.

  last starfighter 09:37 07 Mar 2009

Stuartli" is correct, this is really old news, i first saw this via a email i was sent 2 years ago i belive, there is a lot of doubt if it is genuine..

  jack 09:40 07 Mar 2009

Thats seem a reasonable assumption QB I can see your point.
Google the name however jatech and the number of entries seem to suggest a lot of people have been taken in.

  carver 13:26 07 Mar 2009

After looking at that video there would be no way I would drive a car with a door such as that.

For a door to perform like that, it would have to be extremely flexible and a side on crash would need more than an air bag to protect you.

Any thing hitting you would go in one side and finish coming out of the other side, with you embedded in the radiator.

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