Car damaged by stone chippings or whatever

  Armchair 19:56 10 Aug 2008

Five of them, almost grouped together. Fairly sizeable. Four of them are still showing red paint, one is down to the undercoat (or it could even be the metal, I can't really tell). Best way to deal with them, please? Or should I just take the car to Halfords and let them deal with it, for a hefty price? Or maybe even the VW dealer I bought it from?

Car is only four months old, and I don't really want to start messing about with the paintwork myself. I'd probably botch it, lol.

I tried taking a picture of the damage to be posted here, but it doesn't show up at all well.

Grrr, I hate this sort of thing...........

  octal 20:01 10 Aug 2008

If you want to put a picture up on here upload it to Image Shack then you will be able to link to it.
click here

  Armchair 20:04 10 Aug 2008

No, I mean I couldn't take a good picture of the damage, due to reflections off the paintwork. I couldn't focus on the damage itself.

  John B 20:06 10 Aug 2008

then I would suggest a visit to a professional (if it were me it would be the main dealer) for a quote and then consider the options.

  MAT ALAN 20:08 10 Aug 2008

Have a look in you area for a mobile body repair service, they specialize in this sort of thing, they come to you, done in a few hours....

click here

somebody like the firm in the link...

  Clapton is God 20:08 10 Aug 2008

"Car is only four months old, and I don't really want to start messing about with the paintwork myself"

I think you've answered your own question.

You obviously want a professional job done, so take it back to VW and be prepared to pay the appropriate price.

  Armchair 20:09 10 Aug 2008

Right, I think that's what I'll do. I'll take it to the VW dealer I bought it from tomorrow and see what they have to say. Not expecting it to be at all cheap. Got to have it done properly. Rats etc.

  Armchair 20:10 10 Aug 2008

PS This is the sort of expensive, unexpected payout that makes me wish I'd never learned to drive!

  John B 20:16 10 Aug 2008

check your insurance terms ... it can be cost efficient to claim on some policies.

  Armchair 20:31 10 Aug 2008

Hmmm, my insurance excess for damage is £100, and I have protected no claims............ I dunno if it would be worth doing that.

  Grey Goo 20:35 10 Aug 2008

You may want to consider a "smart repair"

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