car and bugs

  iqs 17:49 01 Jul 2011


Just wondering if anyone has had their car valeted with the "fog" which is supposed to kill all bugs etc etc


  Quickbeam 19:40 01 Jul 2011

I'm obviously not the only one that's never heard of bug fog, will it also work on bed bugs?

  OTT_B 21:47 01 Jul 2011

Tend to find the windscreen does a pretty efficient job of that ;)

If it's bugs on the interior upholstery you're asking about, then valeting your car with regular carpet cleaner (the stuff meant for houses with cats / dogs) does a good job.

  polish 22:01 01 Jul 2011

the fog you mention normally used to remove odours etc not sure about bug killing

  Colonel Graham 23:34 01 Jul 2011

No need to valet, get some of this

  Forum Editor 07:48 02 Jul 2011

Someone once valeted my car and used an air conditioning cleaner. It involved placing a canister on the floor of the car, setting the aircon running at full tilt, pressing a button on the canister, and closing the door.

He waited for around ten minutes or so, and opened the car. He told me that the stuff in the canister cleaned the air-conditioning system of bacteria that can produce unpleasant smells. I hadn't noticed any smell before, and there wasn't any afterwards, so I have no idea if the stuff works or not.

  morddwyd 07:50 02 Jul 2011

I use a sulphur candle in the greenhouse!

Not sure it would be good in a car though, there would probably be lingering fumes in the upholstery.

  wiz-king 07:53 02 Jul 2011

Kill all the bugs - no way - my spiders would starve!

  birdface 11:03 02 Jul 2011

Nothing worse when you are driving than when a spider decides it wants to swing about on your glasses.

Or swing down from the skip of your hat.

I have a little shadow on my eye which looks like a small fly to me and I am sure those pesky little spiders are after it.

If they were a bit bigger I would send them to their happy hunting ground but as they are usually small out the window they go if I am not driving at the time.

  Quickbeam 11:11 02 Jul 2011

My spiders live outside behind the door mirrors.

  Chegs ®™ 04:58 06 Jul 2011

I too find most of my spiders take up residence behind the door mirrors.I've tried many times to get them to find somewhere else to live by hosing the mirrors out but within days there's another web built from the door mirror to the window frames.

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