Car borne adverts

  Curio 13:18 23 Sep 2006

Just purchased a replacement car. On the Hatch window is a Logo sticker bearing the name of the Garage from who the car was purchased. It is highly adhesive and is also stuck over the Heater elements for the rear window. I have no desire to advertise where my car came from - to me it is free advertising and no benefit to me. Have tried removing it to no avail. Cannot go too mad for fear of damage to heater elements. Anybody found a safe way to remove these unsightly and unwanted stickers?

  VoG II 13:22 23 Sep 2006

Try blasting it with a hairdryer.

  Forum Editor 13:26 23 Sep 2006

when it was delivered. I told the driver to take the car back and return it without the sticker. he was back within an hour, and when I asked him how they removed the sticker he said VoG™ had done it with a hairdryer.

(The VoG™ part is a joke, but the bit about the hairdryer is true)

  Cymro. 14:06 23 Sep 2006

This is of no help to Curio now as he seems to have taken delivery of the car, but the thing to do is to tell the salesman when ordering a new car that you will not accept it with such stickers. They will not want to loose a sale and so will sort it out before you get the car. It is a buyers market with new cars these days, and we should remember that.

  Curio 14:14 23 Sep 2006

Excellent wheeze. Gone within 5 minutes of applying wifeys hairdryer set to High. Many thanks

  Forum Editor 14:17 23 Sep 2006

Apparently it was.

  Cymro. 14:37 23 Sep 2006

I did not make myself clear, what I was saying was that my posting was of no help to Curio not the previous one.

  WhiteTruckMan 14:39 23 Sep 2006

with a Terry Wogan TOG sticker. You are stuck with them for the lifetime of the car, if not longer...<g>


  Forum Editor 14:43 23 Sep 2006

Anyone who sports a Terry Wogan car sticker deserves to be stuck with it for life.

No doubt it's in a fetching shade of beige.

  Cymro. 15:20 23 Sep 2006

I am a big fan of Terry's, but I don`t suppose he has to bother with such things as stickers in the back window of his car. He probably get`s that chap Dedicote who is on with him in the morning to remove them for him.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 15:30 23 Sep 2006

Life is much to short to worry about car stickers.


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