car accident, advice appreciated?

  piynik 12:09 17 Feb 2011

I was involved in an accident when I had my car parked outside and this guy driving a BMW crashed into my rear and my car crashed into the car in front, so both my rear and front bumper was damaged. The guy said he wanted to deal with it privately but trouble is he is offering less than the damage he caused, reason being if we do this through insurance company most likely what will happen is they will write my car off, which is the last thing I want as what am I going to do with a few hundread quids with no car? I need the car to get to work. So I think I am being ripped off as the guy knew I don't want to do this via insurance company. Having said that I am not sure if my car will really be a write off. the damage costs about 250-300 but my car still sells for around 500 on 2nd hand market, so it is a close call. What should I do? How should I deal with this guy?

Many thanks!

  MAJ 12:37 17 Feb 2011

I know from bitter experience that a rear-end shunt can cause more damage than is initially suspected, the rear crumple zone comes into play and can be expensive/uneconomical to repair. Have you had a professional inspect the damage or is your "250-300" estimate just the cost of fitting two new bumpers?

  Bingalau 12:42 17 Feb 2011

Do it through your insurance company and then when all is settled go and buy a newer model. Sounds as though yours was on its last legs anyway. There are three insurance policies involved here so all three companies should be involved.

  Pine Man 12:52 17 Feb 2011

The contract you have with your insurance company requires you to notify them of the crash.

  peter99co 12:58 17 Feb 2011

I had a bill for £600 just for a new rear bumper on a Vectra. Glad it was paid by the other parties insurance.

Do it through the insurance.

  carver 12:59 17 Feb 2011

Whether a car is written off can some times depend on the condition of the car to start with, if yours was in good condition then they may repair it.

Don't accept the cash offer go through your insurance company because their is more than 2 cars involved, you could find yourself in deep trouble.

  smartpoly 13:08 17 Feb 2011


Is the BMW guy trying to hide the fact that he is not insured?

  piynik 13:12 17 Feb 2011

Thanks very much for your response. To answer some of your questions the quote I got is from a garage and that is not even for fixing a new front and rear bumper but simply patched it up. And I am only on 3rd party insurance so does that mean my insurance company won't do anything about it?

  piynik 13:13 17 Feb 2011

when I check his registration on the MID databse it came up with nothing......but he said he is on something of a trade insurance policy...which may explain why there is no MID entry......

  Ford Prefect 01 13:31 17 Feb 2011

Make it official with the insurance company. You may end up with nothing. Especially if matey denies the conversation.

  al's left peg 13:32 17 Feb 2011

You can't claim for damage to your car on your policy because you are 3rd party insured. That means that a 3rd party can claim against you for any damage you do to them.
You can however inform your insurance company that you have been involved in an accident that was not your fault and instruct them to claim for you as a 3rd party against his company (if he is insured)
Be prepared though for your insurance to increase if you go down this route.
Hope this helps.

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