Capello finally apologises to the fans

  gaucho. 18:33 09 Aug 2010

Around 6 weeks after their exit.

Is this from the heart or because there is very poor ticket sales for the friendly with Hungary tomorrow night or the FA are terrified their cash cow may dry up.

I think the match should be boycotted to show the over paid manager and players our disgust of them.

  Quickbeam 18:41 09 Aug 2010

It's the players that need to apologise. So far, only Beckham has criticised their World Cup performance in public.

  Quickbeam 18:41 09 Aug 2010

...and mildly at that.

  MAJ 19:19 09 Aug 2010

I think that you think the English team was better than it really was/is. I'm sure the players did their best on the day, it just wasn't good enough.

  gaucho. 19:55 09 Aug 2010

" I think that you think the English team was better than it really was "

They are.

The buck stops at the top. Especially when he plays the players out of their best positions.

  Forum Editor 23:00 09 Aug 2010

No it doesn't, it stops with the people who win or lose football games - the players on the pitch. The best manager in the world isn't going to get the best from players if their hearts aren't in it.

The English team played badly,no matter how much anyone tries to wrap it up, that's the fact. Capello apologised because he had to, not because he wanted to. I'm convinced that in his heart he doesn't think he's the one who should be doing the apologising, and I'm equally convinced that he's right.

Whilst we have players in the team who think so little of their public image, and that of the club and country they play for, that they urinate in the street outside a nightclub we'll be a second rate country as far as football is concerned. Whilst we have players who think so little of a relationship that they'll jeopardise it by paying a 19 year old prostitute £800 for sex in the back of a car we don't deserve to be any more than second rate. Capello isn't the one to be apologising - the buck stops elsewhere.

  spuds 02:09 10 Aug 2010

The players are the ones that should be apologizing, and not just to the people, young and old who support football.

The English team were mostly at holiday destinations before the games had even finished, and if media reports are correct about some of the comments that the players made, because the public was displeased, then these so called professional ambassador's should be forced to donate their wages or fees to some charity or another.

Professional football the whole world over wants looking at, and major surgery is required to bring some of the players, managers, clubs and large weekly wages into line with realism.

Perhaps the sort of punishment that was handed out to the Korean team, might bring a well earned shock lesson to certain individuals.

  Bingalau 08:53 10 Aug 2010

The simple fact is that the teams they played were all better than them. But there is no excuse for a lack of "fight".

I think I heard somebody yesterday mention the old line about them being tired after a hectic season. Yet I notice they are still adding friendly matches to the schedule. Who's idea is that?

  GANDALF <|:-)> 08:55 10 Aug 2010

'I think that you think the English team was better than it really was/is. I'm sure the players did their best on the day, it just wasn't good enough'...could you tell me which planet you are on. The players were utter rubbish. It is this blind faith that is ruining the sport. people keep coming up with totally lame excuses rather than looking objectively at what was a mess. The shots at goal *when they did happen) were waaaayyyyy off and the players acted like planks. It wa snot good enough and the players (if you can call them that) were a disgrace and the sooner people take off their rose-tinted specs, the better.
I can't believe that there are some that even think the England team played OK...unbelievable and myopic in extremis. This is everything that is wrong with the sheep-like fans in this country and why we will never have a decent national team in anything - the fans will accept rubbish and pay for it whilst tugging their forelocks at the holy players.


  Kevscar1 11:52 10 Aug 2010

What amazed me was the number of people who actually thought they would do well. It was blinding obvious before the first ball was kicked they were crap but I was hammered for saying so.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 12:19 10 Aug 2010

When Japan scored 3 goals and England scored zero goals...and Japan lost the friendly, the alarm bells should have been ringing in the heads of the football fans and there is plenty of room......then again I have always found football fans to be not the sharpest knives in the drawer and unable to accept the bleedin' obvious even though it is biting them on their backsides.


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