Can't Shear sheep anymore!

  Noels 14:14 16 Apr 2008

According to an article in "The Times" today by Paul Heiney.I quote. " Animal Lovers have complained, and the the organisers of the Kent County Show have caved in. There will be no more sheep shearing competitions at this annual event "in case the sheep are cut. The bleating complainants will think this is progress. Farmers say its one more example of the lack of understanding between town and countryside."
What do you think?

  jack 14:19 16 Apr 2008

What utter tosh these people comer up with.
I bet they are wearing their Fair Isle jumpers and wooley sox in their green Wellies too.

  belfman 14:24 16 Apr 2008

Having viewed a shearing competiton once when I was in England I agree with the complaints. A lot of the sheep appeared to be cut quite badly.

Perhaps some of the local famrers can volunteer in a 'Human Head Shaving' competiton instead.

  Picklefactory 15:04 16 Apr 2008

Whilst being a 'townie' I think there is an obvious need for sheep to be sheared in general farming terms. But to ask people, no matter how skilled, to race against each other, where the obvious result of an error of judgement, due to them rushing, would be inflicting an injury on the animal, just seems callous and selfish.

"Perhaps some of the local famrers can volunteer in a 'Human Head Shaving' competiton instead."

Hear, hear!!

  Brumas 16:15 16 Apr 2008

Reminds me of my first hair cut when I joined the Army, I'm pretty sure the 'barbers' sheared sheep too as a side line !!!

  donki 17:12 16 Apr 2008

Absolutely disgraceful, I am a country boy and proud. There is a clear necessity to shear sheep and believe me, sheep get nicked during the season process never mind a competition. They dont sit the sheep down and give them a short back and sides, farmers have a whole flock to get through. Tt has to be done quickly cause believe it of not the sheep dont like being held down. It may look bad with the blood but rememeber if we nick ourselves while shaving it can bleed quite a bit too.

If the sheep weren't shaved they could possibly die during the summer season. Its just daft in my opinion. No farmer worth his salt would intentionally hurt or distress his livestock as, has been said before, its his lively hood.

  beeuuem 17:14 16 Apr 2008

I liked the views in click here

  donki 17:16 16 Apr 2008

Couldn't agree more.

  Forum Editor 18:05 16 Apr 2008

will have a spray bottle of disinfectant handy for treating any cuts made by the shearer, and no good shearer will cut a sheep if it can be helped. Small nicks are more or less inevitable in competition, and often look far worse than they are.

The world's gone mad.

  peter99co 18:15 16 Apr 2008

It will be interesting to see if they do this at The Great Yorkshire Show.

  Legolas 18:22 16 Apr 2008

Maybe they could have a sheep shearing demonstration rather than a competition, less likely to nick he sheep then.

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