Can you remember these

  Nibblerman 00:00 11 Jun 2007
  WhiteTruckMan 00:56 11 Jun 2007

are best left unvisited and fondly remembered. Case in point: I recently watched some early episodes including the pilot of supercar. I dont care if it WAS groundbreaking in its day, it was excrutiating to watch.

(only exception in your list is pam dawber from mork and mindy. I used to have a thing for her. Come to think about it, I still do, and I keep it carefully put away safe from prying eyes just in case she should ever come visiting. A true triumph of hope and optimism over reality..)


  Nibblerman 01:04 11 Jun 2007

you might like these then

click here

  WhiteTruckMan 01:32 11 Jun 2007

I'd put down my bacon buttie and pay attention for her anytime. I always thought mork was a bit, well, err, you know what I mean, sleeping up in the attic, and all.

But thats life in the big city for you.
Thanks for the pics.


  Nibblerman 10:59 11 Jun 2007

lol no prob's lol

  bof:) 15:46 12 Jun 2007

dont remember boy from space, all the others are tucked away in childhood memories. I can remember as aa parent sitting my sons down to watch on either channel 4 or 5 the first pisodes of Fireball XL5.

We began to watch the intro, me singing along to "we will fly around the universe in Fireball XL5".

When the Steve Zodiac appeared, my eldest son said, "its black and white", and wandered off to do something else.

Then my youngest son said, "you can see the strings" and went too look for his brother.

This left me alone watching with great enjoyment.
Nostalgia, it seems coloured the program and hid the strings for me :-)

They dont make them like they used to.


  Mr Mistoffelees 17:54 12 Jun 2007

I remember watching Boy From space when I was at primary school. The futuristic car, if I remember correctly, was a Citroen GS.

  Legolas 18:15 12 Jun 2007

I remember Bill & Ben although in my day it was in black and white also Rag Tag and Bobtail, The Woodentops, Andy Pandy, Tales by the riverbank etc

  MrNerdy 18:19 12 Jun 2007

Goodies, goodie goodie yum yum;)

  Noldi 20:20 12 Jun 2007

Goodies and Ecky thump that was so stupid I still remember it every time I go to Yorkshire.


  Input Overload 21:44 14 Jun 2007

I think the cleaned up version of Thunderbirds are as enrertaining now as when I was a child - Great stuff.

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