Can you access e-petition?

  peter99co 10:55 11 Aug 2011

Top e-petition

I would love to make a contribution.

  LanceAlot 11:01 11 Aug 2011

It gets swamped by overdemand and crashes. I had no problems yesterday.

You'd have thought the government would increase the bandwidth to accomodate demand.

  interzone55 11:26 11 Aug 2011

Brilliant idea.

Axe the benefits of rioters, so they've got no way to get money. What do you think they'll do then?

I really do despair about how short-sighted some people are.

  peter99co 11:48 11 Aug 2011

I suppose they need money to pay for phone top-ups on the stolen phones they all seem to need.

I go by the saying 'The devil makes work for idle hands'.

They should find a menial job to do and stop blaming everybody else for their problems.

  interzone55 12:37 11 Aug 2011


A menial job won't even cover rent & heating in most cities, which is one of the many root causes of the problems we have in this country.

£5.90 x 40 = £236 - less tax & NI and you're down to around £206.

Rent on a half way habitable hovel in Manchester area is around £600 a month, so that leaves £292 a month for heating, council tax, travel to work etc and I've not even mentioned luxuries like food & clothing.

Until work pays more than benefits some people will continue to live work-free lives.

But what am I saying, there's no way a Tory government would consider making the minimum wage enough to live off because they have ABSOLUTELY NO CONCEPT OF WHAT IT'S LIKE TO BE POOR

  spuds 12:58 11 Aug 2011


Does any of the other public elected politicians, of whatever party have the same concept of being poor. Fiddling expenses springs to mind!.

  Covergirl 12:59 11 Aug 2011

Alan 14

So you're saying a Lib-Dem or Labour government WILL increase the minimum wage ?

  peter99co 13:57 11 Aug 2011

We should bring back National service.

Not a military version though. One that puts these rioting layabouts to work on civil projects. Some pick and shovel work and mending potholes. Working in stone quarries would be good and save fuel if they used big heavy tools instead of machinery.

They could make a start by clearing up the damage they caused as a starter. We need navvy's to re-dig the old canals out which preservation groups are doing for nothing and would welcome some extra help.

They could live in camps well away from urban areas and find great benefit from lots of fresh air.

I expect it would be quite easy to teach some reality of the facts of life to some of these morons.

I expect many law abiding folks would apply to keep an eye on them and see that they did a good job of their allocated tasks.

I know this will never happen but I bet a lot of people wish it could.

  interzone55 14:06 11 Aug 2011


No I'm not, but they're not in power are they (Lib Dems are playing no part in this coalition)

  interzone55 14:11 11 Aug 2011


Have you never padded an expenses claim, or pocketed the money when given too much change in a shop.

Let those without sin cast the first stone etc

  interzone55 14:18 11 Aug 2011


What you are suggesting already happens in many places.

It's what used to be called Community Service.

In Rochdale where I used to live it was managed by a private company called The Impact Partnership, they were also the people who managed the council housing stock.

Young offenders sentenced to community work would carry out essential maintenance on council houses, paint subways, tidy gardens etc.

Many of the people on the teams would develop great pride in their work, and I've mention on this forum before about what happened to a couple of lads who dared to vandalise a subway that had just been repainted - they didn't walk for some time afterwards.

Maybe you've hit the nail on the head here, get some TA Drill Sargents to run work teams tidying up the areas, not just parts of town that have been hit by riots, but the areas where the kids live. If they can develop some pride & respect in their local area they might think twice about going night-time shopping without money...

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