Can we please have a text editor for the forums?

  Si_L 14:19 11 Sep 2007

I'm sure I'm not the only one who's felt the need to sometimes write a word in bold or italics, it helps to get a point across and make the meaning a bit clearer.

So can we have a simple bold, italics, underline feature to use when on the forum?

  johndrew 14:34 11 Sep 2007

You could always type your answer using other characters it if you *really* need to make a point.

The English language used correctly makes the writer`s intention perfectly clear if used correctly. I seldom use it correctly myself, but do make myself understood (I hope) as do the majority of others.

  pj123 16:33 11 Sep 2007

Do what I do. Type it all up in Word. Spell check it, Grammar check it and make any alterations you need and then copy and paste to the Forum. I haven't tried Bold, Underline or Italics but I'm sure it would work.

  dagbladet 17:02 11 Sep 2007

Bold, underline, italic.

Nope, copied and pasted from Word. Bold was in bold etc...

  Forum Editor 17:12 11 Sep 2007

you are unlikely to see any of the text in italics, in bold, or underlined.

We've managed for years without those enhancements, and there's a reason - every bell and whistle we add tends to bring a penalty in terms of fast page loading.

  Forum Editor 17:14 11 Sep 2007

"I haven't tried Bold, Underline or Italics but I'm sure it would work."

I'm afraid it wouldn't - the site converts everything (except hyperlinks) to plain text characters.

  silverous 13:51 12 Sep 2007

It's funny, I read this yesterday and thought about it this morning and was thinking exactly the same as the FE i.e. you don't get it in a newspaper.

You do however get this, smileys etc. etc. on other forums. I'm not sure it is necessary to express your point.

I'm never a subscriber to the "enhancing the system will make it go slower" argument, that seems a bit negative - it either enhances it or it doesn't, and I'm not convinced making text bold etc. will significantly slow down a website given all the logic that's in there. That would be an argument not to have polls, adverts etc. etc.

Surely "the reason" is it isn't necessary rather than it would impact performance.

  Si_L 13:56 12 Sep 2007

My thinking was along the same lines. Slower performance seems like a cop out excuse.

Whats the real reason FE?

  silverous 14:12 12 Sep 2007

I think the FE gave the real reason, that is isn't necessary. I wasn't suggesting that any "cop out" had taken place, just that the primary reason for it was that it doesn't add much. If it added something then surely the performance could and would be properly assessed. It was just the FE's summary of "there's a reason ..... penalty....." which prompted me to think (and post) that the primary evaluation is surely "does it add anything?".

  Totally-braindead 14:28 12 Sep 2007

Its adding bells and whistles and isn't necessary. Some would end up using a facility such as this to make the posts more differcult to read. They are perfectly readable at the moment and I for one would not welcome any change that could make the posts more differcult to read.
If it really bothers you, you could use inverted commas to "emphasise" any wording.
If the FE says that putting a facility like this on the site would have a detrimental effect then I for one completely accept that. He has no reason to lie and its silly to suggest otherwise.

  wee eddie 16:39 12 Sep 2007

Brilliant, Stupid, Pompous, Facile, without needing to have any assistance from a Text Editor.

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