Can U remeber this..?

  barca1 22:29 27 Mar 2008

21 years to the day, just chatting to my older m8 who can remember this..the worlds worst plane dissaster...

click here

  barca1 22:30 27 Mar 2008

err maybe 31 years to the day fits eh.. this was terrible & my point is how time goes by so quick eh..

  mammak 22:57 27 Mar 2008

I don't remember it happening, I was only 15 at the time,
it is obviously an awful thing that happened on that particular day.
But if we were to post about every terrible event that happened so long ago, there really wouldn't be much space for anything else on board sorry!

  barca1 23:13 27 Mar 2008

Mammak it was threaded with the greatest sympathy to those dearly departed, it was more relating to the timeline NOT the incident but i thought people would most remember the accident not the time so far misstake..sorry

  mammak 00:10 28 Mar 2008

I do understand your reason for posting about this particular disaster of course I do,

I just think that maybe it was so long ago that, most wont remember it, like myself for instance.

please don't be sorry for posting, it wasn't a mistake on your part, just on mine! no hard feelings eh!

  TopCat® 13:23 28 Mar 2008

An horrendous tragedy indeed brought about by intense fog conditions, and where the resultant inquiry found the KLM captain "was convinced that he had been cleared for take-off, while the Tenerife control tower was certain that the KLM 747 was stationary at the end of the runway and awaiting takeoff clearance." I remember it all too well. TC. click here

  lisa02 15:27 28 Mar 2008

5 Years before I was born so I couldn't possibly... I read the link though and what a scary and horrifying tragedy it was.

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