In the can for Spam

  VoG II 21:22 04 Nov 2004

click here

About time too. Unfortunately these spammers can only be prosecuted across the pond but I believe that AOL in the UK are pursuing this option.

  stalion 21:35 04 Nov 2004

Good evening, Totally agree most of my email now is spam get fed up with it increasing all the time.

  Forum Editor 23:01 04 Nov 2004

I've received so much spam in the past that I have not one scintilla of pity for the people who get caught and punished.

  spuds 23:33 04 Nov 2004

This is the man click here

  Djohn 03:07 05 Nov 2004

About time someone took action to stop the massive amount of spam that must be slowing the internet down as a whole let alone the nuisance and at times distress it causes to the recipient.

I'm very lucky though, since I've been with my present ISP (Approximately 10 months)I've not had one single spam.

  watchful 07:24 05 Nov 2004

I also am very lucky as I don't get any since I changed my ISP over a year ago.

No sympathy at all for those who clog people's inboxes with this bin-fodder.

  recap 09:57 05 Nov 2004

At least 80% of my email is spam and it gets very annoying to have to deal with it, even though I have MailWasher.

  Pesala 11:20 05 Nov 2004

It seems a bit draconian when someone who causes death by dangerous driving only gets five or six years in jail. This kind of offence does not a lot of mental distress and inconvenience, but it's not actually life threatening. 100,000 hours of community service might be more appropriate.

I am also trying out the free version of Mail Washer. It save me visiting my mail server to clean up, and catches most spam before it gets downloaded. Can it be made to delete spam automatically from blacklisted addresses?

  Mr Mistoffelees 20:32 05 Nov 2004

You my like to know that if worked 12 hours a day, 7 days a week with no time off, 100000 hours of community service would take nearly 23 years. Quite a harsh sentence methinks!

  Pesala 18:09 06 Nov 2004

He might just about pay back the damage he's done in that time. With his talents he could probably be put to good use answering emails for NTL.

By Email: "You can configure MailWasher to bounce and delete mail. Click each option tab in turn to configure: Filters/Add, In the wizard, give your filter a name, tick the appropriate boxes (Bounce, Delete etc), and enter any rules that may apply."

Thanks. That was what I was looking for.

Selecting this option gives a dire warning that all black-listed mail will be deleted without seeing it. That's what we want, isn't it? It still helps to have MailWasher delete blacklisted emails from the server, but if one has to check each one manually, it is still irritating.

Just make sure you don't accidentally add a friend to the black-list.

  Dan the Confused 13:00 07 Nov 2004

The advice on this forum has always been never to bounce spam as it only proves the existence of your email address. This makes sense to me and I've never questioned it. However, I've just been looking at this ad for 'Spam Bully' click here (respectable product from what I gather) and it says:

'Auto bounce known spam messages, so over time you are automatically removed from many spam lists. Spammers think they no longer have a valid email address and will remove you and stop trading your address with other spammers.'

Any views on this?

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