Can IE 7 really stop spoofing/phishing of websites

  CurlyWhirly 07:43 20 Feb 2005

click here

This is one area of security that REALLY worries me, as I use my computer for buying things online and internet banking.
I think that the rising number of people that are turning to alternative browsers has really urged Microsoft to come up with a 'fix' until Longhorn is released.

Will this version of Internet Explorer REALLY be any safer security wise?

  kenzy 08:03 20 Feb 2005
  wiz-king 08:24 20 Feb 2005

Until the need for security is firmly entrenched into all computer users - along with a modicum of commonsence - then these scams will catch someone out. For once I feel sorry for Microsoft, trying to protect the consumer from himself is a thankless task. I have found people at work trying to disable the firewall and antivirus on a pc because it wont let them download their favorite music site. "It's got a problem, so I turned it off!".

Some of our customers are as bad, when you have lots of emails for several different departments to sort out ones with a blank title bar arent going to the top of the sort list!

  CurlyWhirly 08:30 20 Feb 2005

Good link, thanks.

No I wasn't asking for the impossible, just querying whether Internet Explorer can be as safe as alternative browsers such as Firefox after the new version is released. ;-)

  CurlyWhirly 08:57 20 Feb 2005

I should have renamed my topic heading to 'Can IE 7 really REDUCE spoofing/phishing of websites'
Doh! :-)

  octal 09:03 20 Feb 2005

One way is not to click on any link, including the ones in your favorites, but to type the full URL address in the bar like https: // www without the spaces.

  CurlyWhirly 09:06 20 Feb 2005

So by typing the *full* URL address (including the HTTPS) in to Google, this is much safer then?

  sattman 10:03 20 Feb 2005

How does that work ?

  pc moron 13:04 20 Feb 2005

Here's one explanation of spoofing- IE was patched a while ago.

click here

  CurlyWhirly 13:11 20 Feb 2005

I just clicked on the Secunia spoofing test and up popped a warning screen saying that a Trojan had been detected.
So obviously McAfee VirusScan is doing a grand job (as always), even though it isn't a dedicated trojan scanner. :-)

  pc moron 13:11 20 Feb 2005

I did read somewhere that if you right click the page and select Properties, the URL displayed there can't be spoofed (IE).

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