CAN he save economy..!!!!!!!!!

  charmingman 11:24 15 May 2008

do u have faith in him stating this..?

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  Bapou 11:59 15 May 2008


  shellship 12:08 15 May 2008

Not a chance. He never was Prudence!

  ROYSTERO 12:10 15 May 2008

No way

  birdface 12:45 15 May 2008

Well to be different I think yes he will.I think he has found out that being Prime Minister may be a bit harder than he thought it would be.Once he settles down[soon we hope]Things will get better.Maybe someone can tell us who might be capable of doing a better job.We have short memories. When one of the other party's were in power and inflation was running about 15-17.5%. We are nowhere near that at the moment.So not a time to panic.I think if he can get all our troops back home and never ever again go into any country to help unless they are asked to do so.May make him a bit more popular and he can only get better with more experiance.

  newman35 13:20 15 May 2008

Just read Simon Jenkins' book "Thatcher & Sons" in which he postulates that Major, Blair and now Brown have simply carried on Maggies work - but even MORE so.
Blair and Brown going far further than she would ever have done to transform Britain!
So, I suppose that does mean Gordon is the man to sort it out - the alternative being a Tory who is even less Tory, if you see what I mean. Life is so complicated now we don't know Left from Right.

  JanetO 13:47 15 May 2008

for a knockdown price so our economy lost £billions he's done remarkably well. He sold himself on being an economic guru by sleathily taxing the poor up to the hilt, and now he's reaping the rewards of labour's mismanagement.

No, I don't think he can save the ecomony.

  newman35 14:10 15 May 2008

"sleathily" being sleaze and stealth all in one???
(Or just a mis-type? Pity if it is as it's a good word.

  Cymro. 16:01 15 May 2008

Best posting so far on this one. The line about short memories tells it all for me.

As I have said before on this forum with politicians it is a case of the best of a bad bunch and let`s face it you could hardly get any worse than some of the once we have had in the past.

  Forum Editor 17:57 15 May 2008

to say 'no, he can't', but I don't see anyone with a better chance on the horizon at the moment, so perhaps we should all hope he can do it. I'm not a Gordon Brown fan - I think he's unlikely to be well-treated when history looks at his premiership - but I'm inclined to think that where economics are concerned he has a reasonable grasp of the issues and complexities.

We're unlikely to see an election for a couple of years, and if we want some aspects of the economy to settle down we might as well let Gordon get on with it, rather than spending our time in gratuitously insulting his every move. If he makes a hash of the job we'll get rid of him via the ballot box, but if we do that we had better hope there's a decent substitute lined up. At the moment I don't see anyone who has a blinding insight into how to solve our economic problems.

  Stuartli 21:00 15 May 2008

I've mentioned several times in this forum about Labour's economic disaster in 1976 (inflation, for instance, peaked at 26.9 per cent), so this article may ease the apparent pain just a wee bit...:-)

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At his monthly press conference today, Brown claimed that the selling of Britain's gold reserves resulted in the purchase of Euros, which subsequently went up in value.

Whether that cancelled the loss on the gold he didn't state.

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