Can a disgruntled ISP employee..

  cottie 01:12 22 Jun 2007

..see what websites you've visited, and maybe do bad things?

Or do they have to swear an oaf or something.

Just wondered how it works.

  Chegs ®™ 02:53 22 Jun 2007

"swear an oaf" :)

Perhaps you meant oath,which I very much doubt.

  Cymro. 10:31 22 Jun 2007

So have you been visiting sites that you should not then. Got something to hide have you?

Mind you with all the web traffic these days I would have thought that no ISP employ would

have the time or the inclination to check out what we get up to.

  MichelleC 10:45 22 Jun 2007

...So have you been visiting sites that you should not then. Got something to hide have you?...

What an idiotically judgemental thing to say.

An interesting question, cottie. But I have no idea.

  Cymro. 11:09 22 Jun 2007

O! come on, loosen up and get a life, at least try to see the funny side.

  Phphred 11:24 22 Jun 2007

cottie: If you want to surf privately then you could try this site. click here To be anonymous costs about A fiver for ninety days. Mind you privately not illegally!

  spuds 14:41 22 Jun 2007

Reading the title can suggest a number of things. Two possibilities perhaps:You are employed by an ISP company or you are having problems with an ISP company and possibly an employees activity. Care to reveal the problem or concern, it could be interesting?.

  lisa02 16:39 22 Jun 2007


"O! come on, loosen up and get a life"

What a stupid comment to make! More silly assumptions from you. I absolutely detest that phrase "get a life". What the heck does it actually mean, apart from trying to belittle someone.
I agree with spuds, plus I'd like to know if they could personally identify what you've been upto.

Just curious mind you, I'm not into porn, cheating or anything illegal Cymro before you ask/say so.

  Forum Editor 17:12 22 Jun 2007

has provoked at least one irrelevant response, cottie. I'm sure you have nothing to hide. The answer to your question is no, ISP employees don't have any information about which web sites you visit. Individual web servers record your IP address when you arrive, and they record which pages you look at, but the information is retained on the servers, it's not passed to your ISP.

ISP employees don't have to swear an oath of secrecy, but they do have to abide by the terms of the data protection act. This means that they must not pass to a third party any information that identifies you personally, unless ordered to do so by a judge.

The operators of individual web servers will have a record of your IP address, and details of which pages you looked at on their site, but they can't find out who you are from that information.

  Cymro. 17:21 22 Jun 2007

If you don`t like the phrase "O! come on, loosen up and get a life" how about the other

one I also used in my posting to MichelleC "at least try to see the funny side".

So MichelleC thinks I am idiotically judgmental and lisa02 thinks I make

"stupid comments and silly assumptions". Any one else out there want to have a go?

  Cymro. 17:24 22 Jun 2007

And now the F.E. thinks I made an "irrelevant response". I am not having a good day, am I.

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